10 Celebrities you might bump into in Brighton

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You’d be surprised how many well-known faces you might bump into in our colourful coastal town, check out who they might be:

1. David Gilmore

1 David Gilmour 2011 Brighton Beach Promenade with Dog
If Gilmour is afraid of dogs he’s probably still standing there.  Photo from here.

Guitar god and musical titan from the worldwide famous band Pink Floyd supposedly has a place on the seafront.

2. Cate Blanchett

THE OSCARS(r) - PRESS ROOM - The Academy Awards(r) for outstanding film achievements of 2013 will be presented on Oscar Sunday, MARCH 2 (8:00-11:00 p.m., ET/5:00-8:00 p.m., PT), at the Dolby Theatre(r) at Hollywood & Highland Center(r) and televised live on the ABC Television Network. (Photo by Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images) CATE BLANCHETT
Oscaring it up.  Photo by Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images 

The Oscar winning actress for the bloody good film Blue Jasmine, has on several occasions mentioned that she misses living in our coastal town: ‘I miss Brighton the faded grandeur of the British seaside. It has such a nostalgic poetry.

Her luscious bathtub entirely made out of marble had to be installed through the window at her then five-bedroom house in Brighton’s Lewes Crescent, which also required the closure of the entire street.

3. Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank
Eubank (left). Photo from here.

The world champion biffer made Brighton his adopted home town, stayed for at least a decade, then had to file for bankruptcy, we’re not sure where he’s living now but he has said: “I’ll always be in Brighton.

He’s well known for the Louis Theroux documentary featuring him driving along in a seven-tonne trunk that would cause road traffic nightmares.

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4. Steve Coogan

steve coogan
Coogan spotted at a screening of his own film, Alan Partridge, at the Brighton beach screen – photo from here.

A-ha! The comedian Steve Coogan, i.e. Alan Partridge, was recently banned from the road for driving nearly double the speed limit along Brighton seafront.

5. Noel Gallagher

Potential candidate for Mars One. Photo from here.

Noel Gallagher may be mostly known for his work with the band Oasis, but he might have other aspirations – here’s a glimpse into a world where Noel is an astronaut: “If I ever get to go to the moon, I’ll probably just stand on the moon and go: ‘Hmmm, yeah…fair enough…gotta go home now.”


6. Nigel Kennedy

Probably enjoying the sweet trills of the Darth Vader theme song. Photo from here.

The virtuoso violinist was born in Brighton and is known for injecting punk influences into the orchestral music genre.

7. Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook

fatboy slim and partner zoe ball brighton uni
Norman Cook with partner Zoe Ball.  Photo from here.

The disc jockey recently received an Alumnus Award from Brighton Uni. Living on the seafront with his partner and well known TV presenter, Zoe Ball, Mr. Slim has almost become a permanent Brighton landmark.

8. Lesley Manville

Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.
Acting paragon. Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images.

The stratospherically talented Lesley Manville was born in Brighton, and has since worked on some of the director Mike Leigh’s best films like All or Nothing and Another Year.

9. Nick Cave

Nick Cave
Receiving an Honorary Doctorate from Brighton Uni (centre lower right). Photo from here.

Seen practically everywhere over Brighton, and known for his gothic music, Nick Cave has delighted many Brighton fans should they be lucky enough to spot him strutting down the street.

The Dean of the faculty of arts at Brighton Uni, Anne Boddington said: “We are fortunate that Nick Cave is not only resident in the city but has chosen to contribute to its creative life as a performer, musician and singer, as a writer and as a patron of CineCity [The Brighton Film Festival].”

10. Matt King/Super Hans

Keeping dry. Photo from here.

King of Brighton, the Comedian Matt King is undoubtedly known as his character – Super Hans  – a drug-bewildered friend in the Channel 4 TV comedy series Peep Show.


Image from Objective Productions via tumblr



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