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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Artist of the Week: Risza Lopes da Cruz

This week Brighton Journal spoke to jewellery designer Risza Lopes da Cruz. Risza found her love for jewellery design whilst living in Timor-Leste, where...

New developments as to why breastfed babies are having improved immune systems

Life outside the womb is tough – not least because of the many bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can harm a baby. Not...

Why ‘Minimalists ‘ are giving up their personal possession

I recently spoke to a man named Adam who told me that every object he owns could fit in one of Ikea’s famous shelving...

Speedy success or perfectly planned? the UK’s speedy COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Sarah Schiffling, Liverpool John Moores University and Liz Breen, University of Bradford The UK’s COVID-19 response has been criticised severely. Britain is among the countries...

Where does plastic pollution go when it enters the ocean?

Of the hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic waste we produce each year, it’s estimated that around ten million tonnes enters the ocean....

Why napping can improve alertness and memory

Some people swear by an afternoon nap – whether it’s to catch up on lost sleep or to help them feel more alert for...

Creative Ways to Launching a Fast Food Service in 2021

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve been thinking of starting your own food service for a while. With the roadmap in place and...

Green plans to invest more than £27 million into climate action in Brighton &...

The Green-led council in Brighton and Hove has put forward plans to commit to investing more than £27 million into climate action in the...

The Lure of Brighton: Why do people move here?

  If you live in Brighton, you know all about why you love and stay in the area but for the outsiders moving into the...

Greens secure backing for “a budget with recovery from crisis at its heart”

Brighton and Hove’s City Council has approved the ruling Green councillors’ budget for 2021-22 yesterday evening (Thursday 25th February 2021).  Brighton and Hove’s Green Council has...

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