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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Posts ByNick Staunton, Author at Brighton Journal

Should the Premier League Return?

21st May 2020 |

A couple of months ago, people were debating whether it was safe for football to return. However, now in late May the Bundesliga is back, and the Premier League initiates group training. Monday’s unanimous vote means that players can start … Read More

Coronavirus murals: inside the world of pandemic-inspired street art

19th May 2020 |

There is no aspect of life the COVID-19 pandemic has not affected – and many of us are finding that cultural events and art online are lacking something vibrant and “real”.

One notable exception is street artists and graffiti artists, … Read More

The Environmental positivies of a global lockdown

11th May 2020 |

The coronavirus has changed the way everyone goes about their daily lives. This unforeseen scenario has forced everyone inside for weeks but there has been a positive side effect. While people take shelter, the environment has been thriving. Less people … Read More

The Beauty of Penang

10th May 2020 |

Penang, an island fondly named the ‘food capital of Malaysia’ and ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and designated UNESCO heritage site in 2008 is a paradise with no shortage of natural scenery and cultural sights, alongside its year-round thirty-five degree exotic … Read More

Destination: Green Airline Bailouts

8th May 2020 |

For airlines, the reckoning is no longer far away on the horizon. It’s now a jumbo jet meters from the runway, landing gear down. Without a sizeable external cash injection, many international airlines will follow Virgin Australia into insolvency within … Read More

How governments can use COVID-19 recovery packages to build a more sustainable future

7th May 2020 |

Let’s face it, the COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. Few envisioned something like this happening when in hindsight it seemed inevitable. As many have remarked, it’s like we’re living in a movie. You’re no doubt acutely aware of … Read More

How to stay inspired during a year with no promise of travel

7th May 2020 |

As time has passed and days have turned into weeks, the prospect of summer holidays and travel plans has started to look more bleak; the news is a daily reminder of border restrictions, airlines in crises and, quite rightly, the … Read More

The Future of Travel After Coronavirus

7th May 2020 |

As anxieties about the Covid-19 virus persist, the question is how society’s behaviour will change with regards to travel and tourism. Ironically, the absence of tourists only highlights the prevalence of the typically resilient industry’s importance to the UK … Read More

Brighton Festival Thanks Everyone at Home

7th May 2020 |

1500 Brighton Festival ticket buyers have donated back some or all of their purchases to the Festival after it was cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis. As a thank you for the public’s on-going support and generosity, Brighton Festival is … Read More

Going Vegan for the Day –

5th May 2020 |


Many people wish to include more plant-based meals into their diet but find it difficult to do so. For some reason, vegan food is famous for being expensive and vegan recipes for being complicated. Both is definitely possible, but … Read More