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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Posts ByNoemi Cachit, Author at Brighton Journal

New Cycling & Walking Infrastructure in Brighton & Hove!

18th September 2019 |

Brighton and Hove City Council announced on Twitter earlier today their plan to introduce new routes for cyclists as part of the new sustainable travel movement. The aim is to encourage people to find alternatives to car use or public … Read More

Brighton & Hove home to school disruption on 14 routes!

18th September 2019 |

School transport is incredibly important for every child, it ensures their way of getting home from school or college safely. Now, imagine a child who suffers with a certain disability and must rely on transport every day. The thought of … Read More

Top Films this Weekend!

11th September 2019 |

Everyone loves films. Films have been part of our daily lives for almost a decade now.The way we watch films however, has changed significantly. Some people prefer watching the TV, streaming services, digital download or the good old cinema. Since … Read More

Child Protection teams struggle with increasing workload

11th September 2019 |

The workload issues that the police have been battling for the past few years has not been a secret to the members of the public. While some areas have improved, and strategies have been published for 2018-2019 on Sussex Police … Read More

Same-sex couples in Strictly Come Dancing?

4th September 2019 |

Strictly Come Dancing producers are open for same-sex couples to enter the competition from next year. The show will introduce both, heterosexual and same sex couples. The decision is well received by viewers of the series and the public in … Read More

New Technology coming to Brighton!

4th September 2019 |

There is now a new and innovative way to save humans from drowning. The technology is now making its way to Brighton. Brighton people could benefit from this technology more than ever.

321 people died from drowning in 2015 alone, … Read More

PewDiePie & Marzia’s wedding in beautiful Brighton pictures

28th August 2019 |

PewDiePie, also known as the biggest YouTuber in the World right now, with 100 Million subscribers has had the privilege to marry his long time girlfriend Marzia. The couple have been together since 2011 and they both ran separate YouTube … Read More

Call for changes to the funding system for nurseries

28th August 2019 |

The Council of Brighton and Hove has contacted the government regarding the ‘unfair’ national funding system for nurseries. Brighton and Hove nurseries are suffering due to the low budgeting and funding it gets and the council is here to help … Read More

Anti-Social Youth: Police ask for the public’s help

14th August 2019 |

On Sunday afternoon, 23rd of June, a group of young individuals stormed the Brighton Marina ASDA store with their bikes. The incident that left the members of public stunned and frightened is still under investigation by Sussex Police and the … Read More

This Week’s Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Burgers

14th August 2019 |

Burgers are often the first choice for lunch or dinner for many people, especially after a long tiring day. The reason why is simple, it is fast and easy to make. Burgers, however, are often deemed unhealthy when purchased at … Read More