Be Brightonian

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On the left we have Jo (38). Jo originates from Bedfordshire. She lives in Brighton to work as a nurse and moved here to be away from London. But just close enough to visit. She loves Brighton because of its shopping culture and because everything you need is right on your door step. On the right we have Graeme (44). He hails from Hemplehemstead and moved to Brighton 5 months ago for his kids (cue awww). His is a freelance storyboarder. Loves Brighton because it’s so close to the sea and the music scene and gig culture down here is amazing.

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Gemma (31), originally from Kent moved here for university and never looked back. She is a commissioner for the NHS and loves Brighton because of its coffee shops. Very well said when meeting in a coffee shop.

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Next we have Dizzy (52) on the left. He has lived all over the world and visited so many different places but no where feels quite like home than Brighton does. He works in To Be Worn Again and just loves this city totally! On the right we have Damien (26). He is s native of Brighton and also works in To Be Worn Again. He loves the city because no ones cares it’s like a super relaxed bubble where you can wear whatever you want.


This is Rhoda K Baker (59). She is an artist ‘Google her’. She is originally from London and studied art. She later moved to Brighton and loves it’s creative vibe. “I can go go anywhere in the city and there will be a cross section of styles, ages and no one cares. You can be free and not pigeon holed”.


Sandra (25). Originally from Germany and moved to Brighton recently. She works in a jewellers in the Laines and loves Brighton because of its open mindedness.

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Text and photographes by Lucy Evers

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