Be Brightonian

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image1 (4)This is Milla (24) originally from Sweden but moved here to study English for 7 weeks and just stayed. She now works in a Pharmacy and loves our city because of its culture and how open the people are.

image2 (2)Here we have Jake (24). Originally from Brighton, he is hoping to study engineering. He loves Brighton because he thinks it’s an awesome place to grow up in, it’s really relaxed and there’s always something to do.

image3 (4)This Emma (27). Originally from Edinburgh, Emma moved here in April because she had loved visiting her sister here. She fancied a new adventure and just wanted to see what happened. She is a part time Freelance makeup artist (emmamackmakeup) and loves Brighton because there’s always something to do. The people are wicked and the city is vibrant.

image4 (2)On the left we have Bryony (23). Originally from Devon, she has lived in the city previously but today was visiting as she now lives in Nottingham. She loves Brighton because it’s Expecting! Vibrant! Bubbly! On the right there is Tom (27).  He Lives in Nottingham with Bryony. He has never been to Brighton before but he has two first impressions of the city. Now brace yourselves Brightonians! He really likes the city but his first impression is that the city is pretentious! But the food is amazing.

Pictures and text by Lucy Evers

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