Blacklight Hair Hits the Spotlight

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And so, the first wacky trend of 2016 has arrived, in the form of glow-in-the-dark or blacklight hair. Yes, put away the neutral tones, blacklight hair has taken the blogger world by storm, and it already has its own hashtag #Glowinthedarkhair. Okay so it’s not a super imaginative hashtag but the hairstyles in it definitely are. The hashtag is full of rainbow coloured plaits and neon curls and messy buns, and we are totally obsessed. According to reports, Manic Panic are the genius behind the trend, with their eye-popping High Voltage hair colour products. If you’re already adding the dye to your basket, don’t forget that now your hair has to look good both with the lights on AND off. Fantastic. Check out some of the incredible hairstyles and colours below.

Holly Martin

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