Blancmange will perform in Brighton in June and release career-spanning music collection in May

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On 10th May 2024, BLANCMANGE will release a career-spanning new collection: ‘Everything Is Connected’ (via London Records).

The band will also embark on a UK tour throughout May and June to support the release.

Blancmange’s story is one of two distinct chapters. In the early ‘80s, they infused the emergent synth-pop scene with oblique lyrics, wry British humour and occasionally tabla-tinged sonics, an unlikely mix which saw them soar into the Top 10 with singles such as “Living On The Ceiling”, “Blind Vision” and “Don’t Tell Me”.

Now Blancmange brings all – well, 38 to be precise – of these highlights together with ‘Everything Is Connected: (The Best Of Blancmange 1979-2024)’.

‘Everything Is Connected’ shows that Blancmange’s roads less travelled are just as remarkable as their big hits. While some of the songs may be new to you, their textures are familiar: primary-coloured electronics with a hidden edge or a rain-spattered bleakness that’s somehow comforting, often delivered with blunt Northern humour.

Neil Arthur, vocalist and songwriter, says: “I’m really lucky to be able to make the music completely on my own terms. Within myself, there are no limits; there’s a massive palette inside, and I will try anything.”

Blancmange’s history shaped up unexpectedly. Neil met multi-instrumentalist Stephen Luscombe at the Harrow School of Art in 1979, and as synths were not readily available, they toyed with experimental homemade instruments.

Signing with London Records in February 1982, they embarked on one of the great Imperial Phases of synth-pop.

These were Radio One hits secretly nourished by Can and Captain Beefheart, making the band a regular fixture in the charts and on Top of The Pops, but after half a decade and ten UK hits, the sheen had started to wear off. In 1986, Blancmange made the curtain call for part one of their story.

In 2022 and some 40 years after their debut ‘Happy Families’, Blancmange re-signed to London Records for their most recent album, ‘Private View’ (2022), showing that everything is connected.

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Alongside the collection is the new track “Again, I Wait For The World” (released 13 March).

‘Everything Is Connected’ is available to pre-order.

Event Details:

Event: Blancmange 2024 tour

Date: June 2, 2024

Time: 7 pm

Venue: The Old Market

Ticket Prices: £27.50


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