Blogger Sophie on Brighton and Beauty Essentials

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We at Bjournal love talking to local bloggers and this week we spoke to the creator of Pretty and Polished, Sophie. Pretty and Polished is a lifestyle and beauty blog that is full of excellent advice, great reviews and delicious recipes. Sophie’s blog is a must read for any Brightonian.

Tell us about yourself I am a current law conversion student at the University of Sussex and blog part-time to keep me sane. My favourite things in life are my dog, Finlay, make-up (obviously) and binge-watching detective shows on TV. finglasses

How did your blog come about? Pretty and Polished initially started as a nail art blog, as that was my obsession at the time. After taking a long break, I changed direction and focused on beauty and mental health, particularly the dialogue between the two. Having developed quite a hefty beauty stash over the years due to experimenting with what works well for helping to cover hair loss, I thought a blog would a good way to document my journey with my disorder and try and help others with theirs. Sharing any make-up tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the years could save someone a lot of hassle, and writing more thought-provoking posts surrounding mental health is a good way to open up discussions and break down stigma (not to mention it is quite cathartic for me!). IMG_5033

What beauty products can you not live without? The beauty products I couldn’t live without are a good balm cleanser (if you’ve got your skincare right, the rest will follow), my Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil and RapidLash hair growth serum. I absolutely swear by RapidLash and recommend it to everyone; it’s a great product to have if you suffer from hair loss.

You said on your blog that you have trichotillomania, could you tell us more about it? In a nutshell, trichotillomania is a mental health disorder which causes the sufferer to pull out their own hair. I have had it for 18 years (since I was 3 years old), but most people start pulling during their teenage years. Anything can trigger it (it is usually put down to some form of trauma or stress), and while hair doesn’t seem that important, the disorder can have truly crippling effects. Physical baldness is only the tip of the iceberg; its emotional side-effects are far more resonating. It is often linked with anxiety and depression, and many sufferers find themselves isolated, judged, useless, ‘different’, paranoid and with incredibly low self-esteem. So many people will suffer from trichotillomania (trich, for short) at some point in their lives, yet it is rarely spoken about. I’m on a mission to raise awareness!eylure best glue for hair loss trichotillomania

What beauty products are best for those who also have trichotillomania? Very similar to 3! The Soap and Glory Archery brow pencil is a lifesaver for trichotillomania sufferers; the pencil is perfect for drawing on the shape of the eyebrow, while the precise, tinted end is great at faking individual hairs. RapidLash, another favourite, helps to boost hair growth; I apply the serum to my lashes and brows every day and seriously could not be without it! Eylure ‘Naturals’ false eyelash range is also amazing for covering up hair loss; they are the perfect length and could easily be passed off as your own. easy oreo cake recipe (1)

You have lots of recipes on your blog, what is your favourite thing to cook? I’m actually quite boring when it comes to cooking in general, but baking is a different matter altogether. My favourite recipe is either Oreo cupcakes or gooey chocolate brownies- both recipes are on my blog so feel free to steal them and try them out!

What is your favourite thing about Brighton? Brighton is an amazing place! I have only lived here 3 1/2 years but have loved every second of it. It’s a totally unique place, and I love the fact that ‘anything goes’ here. Things that would seem strange in any other town or city are considered perfectly normal here. It’s a city which doesn’t judge. 

You can read Pretty and Polished here, and you can follow Sophie on Twitter.

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