Brighton Is The Most Haunted City In The UK

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Based on new research conducted, Brighton has been ranked as the most haunted city in the entire country.

In a study conducted by PaulCamper, the city was found to have an astounding 146 paranormal experiences overall, with 116 of these being said to have been hauntings and sightings of ghosts.

Everything from simple paranormal occurrences, actual appearances of ghostly figures and poltergeist activity causing physical movement of people or objects is believed to have been experiences by Brighton residents, making it a terrifying place to live this Halloween.

An epicentre of activity, Brighton’s own Preston Manor has been renowned for its activity, with it drawing the attention of famed tv show Most Haunted back in 2006.

Experiences said to have occurred here range from floating beds, ghostly apparitions, unexplained noises and two ladies, one in grey and one in white.

The company stated that with the rise of staycations due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are keen to get away and experience something out of the ordinary rather than have the typical holiday experience.

Such occasions as Halloween provide a great excuse for people to combine travel with a spooky thrill and the idea of sleeping overnight in the scariest city in England is an unforgettable adventure.

Coming in second was the historic city of York, with 80 paranormal sightings and 70 apparitions, while Bristol then came in third place.

Photo Credit: Bee Felten-Leidel

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