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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Brighton Street Style – Autumn Edition – 11th October

Brighton Street Style – Autumn Edition – 11th October
Angus Walker
  • On 11th October 2019

How to dress well in the colder weather? This is the challenge I seem to struggle with every year. Cosy coat? Layers? Big jumpers? And that’s before you even start thinking about rain. Maybe I should just wear my favourite denim jacket and be cold? Suffer in the name of fashion. Summer is so easy: less clothes needed = less to think about. Autumn and winter are a different story altogether, and year after year I am kept up at night wondering what on earth I’m going to wear tomorrow. I headed out to Brighton’s answer to Milan, North Laine, on a surprisingly mild October day to try and find some inspiration, and pull myself out of my annual style slump. 

First off, I headed into To Be Worn Again to rummage through some vintage shirts and got talking to Lily. Lily works in the shop and says that working in a vintage store is great for your wardrobe. “You get to pick our so much stuff!” she says. I ask her if she has a massive wardrobe at home. “It’s ridiculous!” she replies, “I have so many clothes that I don’t know what to do with all of them!”. 

Her style icon “used to be Alexa Chung when she was with Alex Turner” (fringe phase), but now she “doesn’t really have one”. Instead, she just picks out whatever items she likes the look of and tries to put them together. Lily gets her style inspiration from working in North Laine and “seeing so many different styles and genres of style every day”. 

Surprisingly, she isn’t wearing anything vintage today, but looks effortlessly cool in a striped Carhartt jumper tucked into some amazing yellow Monki trousers, which she’s teamed with a chunky black belt and black converse. “I was really cold yesterday so I just wanted to be warm at work today!” she says. 

Lily works in To Be Worn Again and makes full use of her uniform allowance.

Next up, I spotted Pam window shopping in Kensington Gardens looking unbelievably stylish. Pam was channelling a cool Scandi-minimalist look, which, she laughs, “was actually all from Marks & Spencer!”. “My style icon would be a woman of my age…maybe Helen Mirren?” she says. Her outfit is coordinated to perfection: a beige and navy blue striped top and some cropped dark blue trousers, finished off with an amazing yellow puffa jacket and some white Adidas Superstars. Pam, take a bow. You’ve just won Autumn fashion. I’m off to buy a yellow puffa.

Pam showed that you can be warm and stylish with this classy outfit.


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