Brighton Street Style – What’s Been Worn This Week?

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The clouds returned this week but that didn’t put a dampener on the gorgeous clothes being worn around Brighton. We got into town to find this weeks best dressed!

First up we met Natasha, who was wearing a stunning rust coloured coat. She told us that her favourite place to shop is Pull & Bear – “But I also love Zara because it’s so elegant and classy. I love a mixture between dressing elegantly and rooughing it up a bit.” When we asked her what her favourite thing to wear was she told us about her treasured oversized red pullover: “It’s enormous, I usually wear it as a dress cause it’s so big, I love it”.

Next we stumbled upon Antonia, in her gorgeous jumpsuit which she paired with a chunky belt. Antonia told us that she thinks the places to shop in Brighton are Urban Outfitters and Zara, and that her go-to wardrobe piece is a simple pair of culottes.

Here we have Jack, Sholto, Lucien and Finley (L-R). They told us that whilst they do sometimes shop at Brighton vintage store, Dirty Harry’s, they mostly do all of their clothes shopping online, mostly on eBay – “I can’t remember the last thing that I actually bought in a shop”. They told us that the best outfits that they’d ever worn were fancy dress: “I was a gingerbread man once!”

And finally we met Dex, who told that he does most of his shopping in Urban Outfitters, but buys loads of his basic items on Amazon, such as the plain white t-shirt he’s pictured in. The best outfit he’s ever worn? “I went to a party dressed as Chuckie.. I’ve also dressed as Jason before. Just variations of different outfits with dungarees with a white t-shirt … so what I usually wear anyway!”

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