The Best Artworks from Brighton University’s Graduating Class of 2018: Part 1

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This year’s Graduate Show at Brighton University is, without a doubt, the best for many years. The sheer enormity of the departments and the university itself made for a long but interesting evening looking at the up-and-coming artists, designers and photographers of this generation. The quality of art at Brighton University has greatly increased in the last few years with many exhibition attendees vocally expressing their surprise at the exceptional level of skill. The works featured in this article mainly draw from the University’s Fine Art, Critical Practice and Graphic Design department.

Over the next few weeks we will interviewing some of the best graduating artists of this year to discuss their inspirations, practices and what they have planned for the future. Until very recently, Brighton had a somewhat dis-interesting and dis-engaging art scene. It wasn’t for lack of art, simply for the lack of enthusiasm around it. With thanks to galleries like ONCA, Phoenix and more, the art scene slowly began to pick up pace and the city is now headed to becoming a leader in contemporary art of many kinds. This years Graduate Show proves that in the face of adversity and funding cuts, students are still able to freely express themselves and create some downright great art.

Holly Hamilton.

Andy Ingles.

Rose Bagenal.

(Artist Unknown)

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Hannah Campbell-Wharam

Harley Redford.

Pippa El-Kadhi Brown.

Sarah Hunter.


Nathalie Brough.

Lucy Papadopolous.

Katherine Bailey.

(Artist Unknown)

Keziah Greenwood.

Matilda Boyer.

Cat Howard.

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