Brighton’s Best Dressed – What Have You Been Wearing

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As usual, the Brighton Journal team headed into town this week to check out what our city’s best dressed people have been wearing – and of course, you didn’t disappoint! Have a little browse below to see our favourite looks of the week.

Firstly, we spoke to the gorgeous bride-to-be Emily, who was out shopping for her wedding dress: “I’m looking for something lace, with a fish tail.” We asked Emily to describe her style, and she said that bright clothes and statement jewellery is always her go to.


We also met Michelle, who was a gorgeous Zara jumpsuit, which she said is her favourite place to shop. She told us that if she could only ever wear one thing ever again, culotte trousers would win every time.


Next up we met musicians from Manchester, Jan and Jamie, who said that Brighton was their favourite place to shop. When we asked Jan about his unique style he was very sure of his inspirations: “I copy anything 1950s and old Italian. I love everything about that look.” Jamie said she was less set on a specific style: “I change from day to day. Today I’m feeling vintage stuff, like this shirt.”

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We spotted Jade and her amazingly bright style a mile off, and love her unique look. Jade, who owns Blackout in the North Laines, says that whilst shopping is a rarity for her Snooper’s Paradise is always her first stop when she does find a minute for some retail therapy.


Last but not least, we spoke to Maylie and her friends who were visiting from Austria. They said they’ve loved exploring the lanes whilst in Brighton, and love to wear vintage clothes.

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