Brighton’s New Developments: Finding A Home Beyond The City Centre

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Brighton is celebrated for its vibrant city centre, but its charm doesn’t end there. As some areas in the city face housing challenges, residents are discovering delightful alternatives in surrounding neighbourhoods. Here, we’ll take a look at new developments in the outskirts that provide the perfect backdrop for a fresh start. 

Making The Move

With a city centre coping with debilitating housing standards, more residents are looking for ways to sell their house fast without sitting through the lengthy repair process of a substandard building. For owners of houses in bad states of repair, services that buy homes for cash are growing in popularity. This option allows residents to bypass the gruelling renovations needed in order to attract a buyer, suiting those with limited funds and no wish to risk time and money. 

By eliminating the typical burdens of home selling, with no hidden fees and a guaranteed sale at a time that suits, cash home buying facilitates a quicker and smoother move to these up-and-coming neighbourhoods.

New Developments And Revitalised Villages

Brighton’s surrounding areas are developing several projects that skillfully blend rural charm with modern amenities. Along the coast, following the soaring cliffs a stone’s throw past the Marina, exists St Dunstan’s Home for Blind Veterans. Defunct since 2021, the impressive Grade II listed building is currently undergoing major redevelopment to house 64 apartments. 

Set right on the coastline, with stunning views of the South Downs and out over the English Channel, it will house a cinema, pool and gym. But don’t be fooled by its luxury image. Over half of the flats have been pledged as affordable housing, making this development an ideal choice for those seeking modern living in a picturesque rural setting. Not to mention views of the sea to rival the i360. 

In a more urban environment, yet without the stresses of the city centre, Shoreham-By-Sea’s Wharf-21 development is transforming a former commercial port into a thriving community hub. Situated along the revitalised River Adur waterfront, the project promises beautiful waterside living, and its central location in Shoreham is set to foster a vibrant community atmosphere. In addition, the nearby station brings Brighton city centre within easy reach.

Heading east out of Brighton, the coastline is being rejuvenated by projects like the award-winning Sea Lanes, the previously mentioned St Dunstans and more making their mark in Rottingdean. 

This historic village is already a desirable spot, known for its writers, artists and smugglers. With some exciting transformations in the pipeline, including the multi-million pound renovation of The White Horses seafront hotel and bar, it’s an attractive alternative for those considering a move to the outskirts. 

Retaining Brighton’s trademark quirky atmosphere while remaining heart-meltingly quaint, the village’s often-overlooked inland stretch is getting a revamp too. The Skylarks development has recently opened its doors and sits on the edge of the village towards Woodingdean. Still only a short walk to the sea, it offers luxury options for well-connected living in amongst the South Downs countryside. 

Brighton’s surrounding areas offer a refreshing mix of traditional charm and modern convenience, making them an attractive choice for those looking to enjoy the best of both worlds. Whether seeking the tranquillity of the South Downs or a vibrant new community in Shoreham-by-Sea, these developments present perfect alternatives for anyone looking to make a move.

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