Busker’s James and Gregorio Met Through Deliveroo!

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James Green and Gregorio Manenti were setting up to play some cheesy pop songs for the people of Brighton near Churchill Square today. They go for things that people can sing along to as that is what is most popular, despite them both playing different genres to pop. James usually plays more folky stuff, but says that doesn’t usually go down well when busking. We spoke to them both about how they got here together.

Do you both live in Brighton? 

Both: Yep!

Have you always lived here? 

J: I came four years ago for Uni!

Gregorio: I came here like 8 months ago, mainly for music I have this other project that I am trying to put together with songs that I already wrote the genre is really different, than this its more like beatles, psychedelic, sixties, kind of thing. And now it is slowly going to the right place after 8 months but it is still really at the beginning but yeah its better than 8 months ago.

Are you guys like a band then? 

J: Primarily we just busk, we have done a couple of gigs that have come out of busking.

Do you have a name? 

J: No thats the worst part we don’t have a name.

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G: Basically we just met and I heard his voice and I was like man great voice and then we started playing and we both enjoyed each other.

J: Yeah it’s pretty cool!

How did you guys meet? 

J: We both do Deliveroo! So we were both waiting for an order.

Whats the weirdest thing thats ever happened to you on a job for Deliveroo?

J: Apart from just spilling all the food! That’s the worst thing, you take it out of your bag and theres just soup all over your bag.

So you both cycle around the city?

G: I very recently have upgraded and now I am with a scooter and my life is suddenly sunny and not cloudy anymore.

J: I’m still cycling up hills.

That must be good exercise?

J: I mean yeah it saves gym membership!

If you had one message to the world what would it be? 

G: Just relax!

J: Don’t stress about things, it’s not worth it.

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