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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Deliveroo’s “Big Curry Night In” to raise funds for hungry families across South Asia

22nd May 2020 |

Deliveroo has announced that Indian food orders in the UK have skyrocketed by 42% over the past two months. It seems Brit’s in lockdown have been seeking comfort in ‘classic’ takeaway options and are therefore in a hurry for a … Read More

Back of the Cupboard Recipe #3 – Smokey Sausage and Bean Stew

18th May 2020 |

For this week’s instalment of our ‘Back of the Cupboard’ recipe series, we’ll be talking you through this hearty Sausage and Bean Stew. 

This recipe is really flexible – it doesn’t use many ingredients and you can use practically any … Read More

Caravanning Amid Continents: Turkey, From South To Anatolia

9th May 2020 |

Written by Sila Kiss

The weather is hot enough, people are laying on the beach, sipping from their drinks. Nobody is here except the locals or spiritual travellers. This is Fethiye, which has lots of little valleys stretching towards to … Read More

Going Vegan for the Day –

5th May 2020 |


Many people wish to include more plant-based meals into their diet but find it difficult to do so. For some reason, vegan food is famous for being expensive and vegan recipes for being complicated. Both is definitely possible, but … Read More

Back of the Cupboard Recipe #2: Quick Cauliflower, Chickpea and Raisin Curry

4th May 2020 |

Welcome back to our ‘Back of the Cupboard’ recipe series. I hope you enjoyed last week’s Veggie Chilli. This week we’re venturing into curries, with this easy and quick Cauliflower, Chickpea and Raisin Curry. If you’ve got some raisins knocking … Read More

Simple Ways to Eat More Plant-based

29th April 2020 |

Regardless of whether you’re determined to become vegan or would just like to eat less animal products, you’re probably asking yourself where to begin. There are people who change the way they eat overnight, but there aren’t many. Our eating … Read More

Foodilic reopens for takeaway and delivery

29th April 2020 |

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I reviewed the lovely Foodilic for our Restaurant of the Week feature (which is on hold due to current circumstances). They originally closed down completely, but have now reopened their location on Western Road for takeaways … Read More

Meet Brighton’s sausage guru: Dave Barr

29th April 2020 |

You’ve all heard of Brighton Sausage Co. haven’t you? It’s an independent, artisan maker of some of the finest produce anywhere in Sussex, they specialise in sausages, as you might have guessed, but there is more than that. … Read More

Back of the Cupboard Recipes #1: Easy Veggie Chilli

23rd April 2020 |

With everyone trying to go to the shops as little as possible, lockdown has got us all rooting around in the back of our cupboards to see what we’ve got that needs using up. For most of us, this has … Read More

Staying in or going out? Well, if you happen to be staying in…

17th April 2020 |

This is going to be a food review with a twist (of lime). Not long before lockdown commenced and resigned us all to our dining rooms, I had been encouraged by a chef friend to review a local, … Read More