Cold Weather Brighton Street Style

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We’ve had a mild winter so far but now the temperature has seriously dropped and it’s safe to say that winter is finally here. It can be tempting to sacrifice fashion when it feels like this, but just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you still can’t look good. Here are a handful of ladies demonstrating that you can still dress fashionably regardless of the frightful weather.

DSC_0992 Abbie is wearing a striking look today representing her bold personality. Her fashion sense is majorly influenced by artist Pattie Smith who is celebrated for being the ‘Godmother of Punk’. Abbie’s outfit choices are also inspired by menswear, specifically tailored clothes. She does not consider herself at all girly and hates anything floral or ‘pretty’ and prefers block colours such as black. She also likes wearing white shirts and integrating classic pieces in to her wardrobe. Her favourite fashion decade was the 50’s due to the amount of structure in 50’s clothing. As you can tell Abbie also loves animal prints especially leopard print – we love your eclectic fashion taste Abbie! Her coat is from Asos and her hat is from Topshop, she also enjoys accessorising by changing her glasses. Her boots are from Vegetarian Shoes which are located in the North Laines in Brighton, as Abbie dislikes wearing leather.

DSC_1003Alice is fully embracing the autumn colour fashion trend. Alice loves art and studies Fine Art Sculpture at the University of Brighton. Alice has admitted that she does not particularly follow the trends clothing wise and instead is inspired by ‘all sorts’ but especially patterns and bright colours.  She also incorporates a lot of vintage clothing in to her wardrobe and her beautiful oversized coat is from Rokit a well-known vintage shop in London. Her dress was bought locally in Brighton from Snoopers Paradise and only set her back £15. Her Dr Martens are accompanied with an interesting story; they used to belong to Alice’s mum and were worn by her mum before she was born!

DSC_1021Maya has opted for warm clothes today but still looks stunningly unique. Maya’s fashion sense is notably influenced by the iconic Vivienne Westwood who is widely known for her new wave fashions. Although Maya has confessed that today’s outfit has been influenced by the cold weather, her love for loud prints and fluffy materials has also been an influence, hence her leopard print coat. She does not particularly follow mainstream trends but her staple clothing items are big shoes and long dresses. Her platform boots are from Denomia, her dress and hoodie are both vintage and her fur coat is from Beyond Retro. Maya likes looking for deals when she shops and does not spend more than about £20 on an item of clothing. Love the blue eyebrows Maya!

DSC_1044Leah is looking colourful in her Topshop A line skirt. Leah does not follow fashion trends and instead tends to go for clothes that flatter her body shape. She admits that on a day to day basis she usually only wears black clothing but decided to try out a colourful look today. As a photography student Leah is very creative and tries to incorporate this in to her outfit choices. Today’s outfit is mostly from high street shops and her shoes are Dr Martens.

DSC_1036Lauren is sporting a fabulous chic 70’s/80’s look. As a Fashion Promotion student from Portsmouth visiting Brighton for a shopping day, Lauren is a lover of all things fashionable.  Lauren gets a lot of her fashion influences from social media platforms such as Instagram and follows a fair amount of fashion bloggers online. She loves to mix vintage fashion with high street pieces. Her jumpsuit is from Topshop and cost £55 and her coat and handbag are both vintage pieces from Portsmouth. It can be difficult to pull off a jumpsuit but Lauren you look effortlessly fantastic.

Feature photograph: Michael

Kamilah McInnis

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