Compelling Reasons To Study Politics At University

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It’s very important to care about politics. Doing so helps you understand what’s going on around you. Politics plays a huge role in every country across the planet. Whether it’s a republic, democratic, federal, or communist. While some people take somewhat of an interest in politics, others go one step further and study how governments, internal relations, and policies work.

Politics is certainly a fulfilling and interesting degree. However, you may wonder if it’s worth studying and what benefits it can bring. Here are some compelling reasons why it makes sense to study politics at university.

Vast Career Options

A politics degree opens doors to a wide range of careers. These include political work, HR, marketing, journalism, and social and political research. Occupations associated with a politics degree include civil service fast streamer, public affairs consultant, and policy officer. Jobs, where your policy degree can come in handy include charity officer, business development manager, and human resources officer. Politic graduates are normally employed by commercial businesses, accountancy, banking organisations, law firms, and local and national governments.

Because the degree is so broad, you’ll need to think about what you want to get out of the program. While some students have a clear goal in mind, others may struggle with what field to go into after graduation. 

Broaden Your Knowledge Further

After completing an undergraduate politics degree, some students decide to look into further studies to broaden their knowledge and understanding. Stirling University has a master’s in politics course that you can consider looking into. They have a guide on why to study politics at university, which allows you to follow your passion for the subject while gaining practical skills and key knowledge to aid you in your chosen career. 

Gain Transferable Skills

One major benefit of studying for a politics degree is all the useful transferable skills you’ll learn along the way. These include knowing how to research, source, and thoroughly examine information and the capacity to critically analyse evidence and come up with coherent arguments. 

Other transferable skills include developing excellent oral and written communication skills and learning how to work well as part of a team. Many of the transferable skills you’ll master can be taken with you in your professional endeavours. 

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Clarifies What You Believe

Studying the things we’ve studied gives us the opportunity to discover our own political beliefs. Also, we see the benefits and disadvantages of the vast selection of political ideologies in greater detail that are present in our society today. 

Having the freedom to express what you believe accurately and concisely is highly useful. And it forces you to identify your beliefs and challenge them, especially with the opposition.

Helps You Know Your Rights

Studying politics at university allows you to see beyond your initial belief that you have no real input into the running of the country. 

Once you begin your course and fly through the modules, you’ll gain a real insight into what actions you can take individually and as a group that can impact our society. Who knows, you may have the opportunity to change the entire world! 

Ever-Evolving Subject

The world of politics never stands still, nor does its teaching. Every year, politics degrees are being updated in their content, as well as teaching methods. This is to meet the changing political landscape.

Should you choose to study politics, you will gain a relevant and interesting education that will set you up for a career in the contemporary world. The UK has one of the richest and longest political histories in the world, so it’s easy to see why there’s always been a huge number of students studying politics here. With topics like Brexit and all the complexities that go with it, British politics remain in the public eye.

Chance to Study Abroad

While many people take an interest in politics within their own country, it must be noted that politics is a very international subject area. Politics affect the whole planet and the way things are run. With that in mind, there are some modules available that can be studied abroad. 

You can tailor your politics degree according to your travelling aspirations. Studying politics above can strengthen communication skills, build confidence, and help you make new friends. What’s more, you’ll learn different viewpoints on politics from individuals from all four corners of the planet. This can help enhance your subject understanding and help you gain new international perspectives. 

Politics is significantly rising in popularity, with young people taking more notice of social issues than ever before. This is largely thanks to social media and the ability to share news. If you’ve always had an eye for politics and want to change the world we live in for the greater good, studying politics at university may be your calling. 


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