FatBoy Slim Becomes FatBoy Slow for Snail Pace Marathon

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It has been announced that Norman Cook AKA world-famous DJ Fatboy Slim, will be embarking on a Snail Pace Marathon, taking place on Friday 19th October, when he will walk rather than run the full 26 miles of a marathon around all 50 of the giant snails that make up ‘Snailspace’.


Snailspace is a charity-based art installation, currently dotted throughout Brighton and Hove made up of 50 of the giant molluscs, as well as a load of mini snails, all designed by different artists. Each has an amazingly unique design, with some of our favourites being The Ivy snail, currently residing on Ship Street, which features all the flowers of the English garden across all four seasons, as well as ‘FABtastic’, which recreates the image of our favourite ice lolly.

We love the FABtastic snail, created by ‘Specialist Models’ and designed by Brandwatch.


The message behind Snailspace, which was created to raise money for Martlets Hospice, is to try and encourage people to slow down a little, particularly in a time where life seems to keep speeding up, and to appreciate what’s around you and spend more time with those that you love. It was whilst thinking about this message that Norman Cook decided on the best way to help raise money for such a worthy cause, and a charity that he has previously had personal experience with, and the idea for his ‘snail pace’ marathon was born.


Norman has commented: “I was thinking about a fundraising challenge I could take on as part of the Snailspace campaign. When Brighton had Snowdogs a few years ago my daughter  Nelly and I did the whole trail, but we cheated a bit by going by car and we spread it over two days. So, completing the whole trail in one day was an obvious idea, and, as I’m a little bit of a runner and as the distance is about 26 miles, I thought about a marathon taking in every snail. But, as I started thinking about the whole #BeMoreSnail idea, taking things at your own pace, I thought hang on, let’s not run it, let’s walk it. 


The more I thought about it the more I wanted to embrace the idea of slowing down. By walking it is a far more sociable affair, I can get a selfie at each snail, chat to people as I’m walking, and can really embody the motto of #BeMoreSnail. I’m really hoping people will sponsor me ahead of the challenge and on the day. So, 1 day, 26 miles and 50 snails – lets do this!”

Slim becomes Slow: Norman Cook will walk a full 26 mile marathon, stopping at each snail


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Beginning at Big Beach Cafe at Hove Lagoon, Norman will visit every single giant snail in one day, and is aiming to raise an ambitious total of £5,000, to be donated to the Martlets Hospice, who supports local people living with terminal illnesses, as well as their families and the importance of funding to this charity cannot be understated.


One such person who knows first hand the importance of the work that Martlets do within Brighton and surrounding areas is Gordon, a local teacher who was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease:

“The diagnosis of a terminal illness with a median life expectancy of three years was a complete shock. Not only have I needed to get my head around issues with mortality but also getting my house in order, before I check out. That’s not something you envisage needing to do at the age of 39, but Martlets is helping me cope with every aspect of the journey.


Martlets is so much more than end of life care. The support I’ve received has included how to deal with different symptoms as and when they arise or get worse. I’ve also received guidance for how to broker the news with my children and how to talk about work.”


To support Norman’s snail pace marathon and help raise money for an amazing charity, you can text SLOW18 to 70070 to donate £5 instantly, or go online to donate an amount of your choosing. Norman’s progress throughout the day can be followed on social media via #BeMoreSnail.

To find out more about Snail Space and see each snail online, please see their website.

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