Find the Rainbow With This Beauty Trend

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Festival line-ups are slowly being announced, and you can’t say festivals without festival fashion. Festival fashion has essentially become a season in itself, and once a year we are treated to an abundance of Hunter wellies, Barbour jackets and flower crowns as we wish that we could look that good after sleeping in a not-so-waterproof tent. Every year, there is an aspect of festival fashion that is exclusive to festivals, it is never exhibited anywhere else, and it remains in the confines of Worthy Farm or Henham Park, such as flower crowns, tribal headwear (cultural appropriation anyone?) and UV face paint. This year, it’s rainbow freckles.

Freckles became quite a big thing last year, with beauty bloggers applying fake freckles to get the ultimate sun kissed look. Except this year, it seems that normal freckles aren’t quite good enough, and thus, rainbow freckles are born. Beauty fans everywhere are flooding Instagram with their faces covered in brightly coloured dots. The trend was pioneered by beauty vlogger Batalash Beauty, otherwise known as Dominque, who has shared her faux freckle tutorials on her YouTube page.

To get the look, you can use pretty much anything, from liquid lipsticks to liners, in any colour you choose. To be honest, they do look pretty cute, and they would look even better when matching your flower crown. Check out some of the photos below.

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