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On Friday 22nd March Fingers in all the  Pies art exhibition was hosted at  Brighton Beach House. The evening  event brought together 9 emerging  artists from a diverse range of creative  backgrounds spanning illustration,  fabric sculpture, fashion, film,  photography and music. 

Since September 2023, all 9 artists had  been taking part in the Creative Mentor  Network in partnership with Soho  House. The Creative Mentor Network is  a charity focussed on supporting young  adults from lower socioeconomic  backgrounds to access job roles in the  creative industry through mentoring  opportunities. The Soho Mentorship  programme matches each ‘mentee’  with a mentor from the Soho House  community. The mentor has the  relevant skills and knowledge to  complement the mentees ambitions,  therefore providing each mentee with  the expertise they need to succeed on  their journey towards a professional  career. 

Fingers in all the Pies art exhibition was  a mentee led initiative to celebrate the  end of the Brighton Soho Mentorship  programme. Suzanna Easton and  Ticiana Suli, both 25, spent four months  curating the exhibition event together.  Suzanna, an artist and aspiring art  director had been working with her  mentor Phil Buckingham, a freelance  creative director specialising in fashion  imagery, who volunteered through the  Creative Mentor Network X Soho  House. Throughout their meetings  Suzanna came to the realisation that if  she wanted to be an art director, she  needed to start directing some art. This  is how the idea for an exhibition was  born. Suzanna and Ticiana, an artist  and illustrator, met at a networking  event hosted by the Creative Mentor  Network which joined the mentees on  the Brighton Soho Mentorship together. 

Through talking they realised they had  very similar goals – the main one being  their love of having their ‘fingers in all  the pies’, meaning their affinity for being  involved in many different creative pursuits. Not only did they bond over  this, but also their shared aspiration to  collaborate with other creatives. So, they decided to work together to bring  the exhibition to life. 

The exhibition featured contributions  from: 

Suzanna Easton – Artist (@soozee_arts) 

Jurgen Forster – Sustainable Clothing Advocate (@jurgenforster2024) 

Cash Green – Music Producer  (@cashgreenmusic) 

Poppy Harperfield – Photographer (@poppyharperfield) 

Georgina Jaggs – Sustainable Clothing  Brand (@abovewatercollective) 

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Stella Jordan – Film Maker  (@stella.jordan.film) 

Megan Lee – Multi-disciplinary Artist  (@maestudi0s) 

Lily Carlile Reece – Vegan Chef and Illustrator (@salads_for_garage_girls) 

Ticiana Suli – Artist and Illustrator  (@ticiana.suli) 

It provided each artist with a significant  opportunity to display their creative  talents to family, friends and a range of  industry professionals. 

Suzanna now goes on to co-direct an art installation for Boomtown Fair,  Ticiana has recently set up her online  store selling prints and is actively  working on illustration commissions for  clients, Cash Green is managing Silk  Road Festival in Barbados and Lily  Carlile Reece hosts various supper  clubs at venues across Brighton. These  are just a few of the successes that  mentees have achieved since their time  on the Brighton Soho Mentorship.  

Follow the artists on Instagram to see  more of their work. If you would like  further information about the Creative  Mentor Network, and how to apply, head over to their website:  https://www.creativementornetwork.org /

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