Art For the Gluten-Intolerant

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Oscar Wilde once said “life imitates art far more than art imitates life” and for the most part, we agree with him. However, after discovering this Tumblr account, we can safely say that in this case, art is definitely imitating life. The Gluten-Free Museum is a Tumblr account in which French blogger, Arthur Coulet has removed all gluten from classic works of art. Yes, really.

‘Our civilization is based on wheat’ the graphic designer said. Coulet lives in Paris and teaches photo manipulation, when he’s not removing all wheat based products from artwork by the likes of Manet, Dali and Chardin. Though it may seem like the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen, it’s actually a very clever way of getting us to look at art. Coulet told the BBC ‘trends can be a way to see great art’ and because of our current obsession with gluten free products, Coulet has definitely caught our attention. Coulet has even ventured into popular culture, removing gluten from famous film stills, such as Lady & The Tramp, The Simpsons and Pulp Fiction. You can check out some of his Gluten-Free photo manipulation below, and check out his blog here.

d’après Pieter Brueghel
d’après Paul Cézanne
d’après Wayne Thiebaud
d’après Matt Groening
d’après Walt Disney


Holly Martin

[email protected]

all images belong to Gluten Free Museum

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