Go Green in This New Accessory Craze

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Forget gold, silver, fitbits and wearable tech, the latest accessory craze is here and it’s greener than most. Succulent jewellery is taking Pinterest and Etsy by storm as these little plants are becoming a staple in every minimalist’s wardrobe.

Amanda DuMouchelle Photography / Via etsy.com

Of course, they’re living plants so you can only wear them for up to four weeks. After that, you remove the plants from the jewellery and plant them, allowing them to grow for years to come. The flowers are attached using an adhesive created for the floral trade which means that the plants are not harmed. Succulent jewellery designer Susan McLeary told Mashable “these pieces are intended for short term, special occasion wear, so I instruct people to wear and enjoy the pieces until the plants start to show signs of stress. This can manifest in a few ways: either they will start to look a bit tired – somewhat softer, and less turgid. Or, they will start to grow off the bases. This is when to gently remove from the jewellery and plant”.

Brown Photography / Via etsy.com

You can purchase these lovely little pieces on McLeary’s Etsy shop. She stocks everything from rings to tiaras to flower crowns, and we can definitely get on board with wearing these at Glastonbury. You can find McLeary’s Etsy store here.


Holly Martin

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feature image: Chelsea Brown photography

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