Have You Had A Couple Of Drinks Last Night? Then You Shouldn’t Drive!

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If you have gone along Marine Drive when heading into Brighton this morning, you might have seen them or have even been pulled over by them. A unit of special constables has been stopping random cars near the entrance to Kemptown’s Bedford Street, aiming to carry out drug and alcohol checks on drivers.

Having hailed the drivers to signal them to pull over, the officers will ask them routine questions on whether they have been drinking or even taking drugs the night before and where they are heading to.

At the same time, they will use the opportunity to carry out quick checks on the cars, watching out for defective tires and car maintenance issues.”If anyone goes past not wearing a seatbelt or using a mobile phone while driving, we are obviously not gonna ignore them”, explains communications officer Ellie Treagust.

Credit @ Laura Bohrer.
Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

They are part of the national drink and drug-drive operation which has started in Sussex on the 1st of June and which will run throughout this month. This week, the operation focuses on the Brighton area, with stop checks carried out at different entrance points to the city every day.

“Drink-driving is particularly heightened in summer because a lot of people are staying out late longer due to the daytime hours, have a couple of drinks and then drive”, says the officer.

“It’s all about road safety. All we want to do is keep people safe on the roads of Sussex and get everyone home safe”, she adds.

During last year’s operation, officers in Sussex have arrested around 200 people during the month of June. The numbers of this year’s operation will be announced by the Sussex police later this month.

When it comes to this morning, the officers haven’t had to arrest anyone because of driving under alcohol or drug influence yet, a positive sign for the officers.

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