Humans of Brighton – Lorna is offline!


Lorna Ough is 22 and has lived in Brighton for the past three years. She was doing a degree in Fine Art Critical Practice at the University of Brighton. She was at the Grand Parade Campus and has just finished, she says that the degree was just what she wanted it to be. We spoke about what she will be doing post-graduation…

Why are you staying here for another year?

I kinda just wanna have a year of working I’ve got a job at a gallery, so I’m gunna do that. Just sorta deciding what I wanna do for an MA. Just wanna be here (in Brighton) not as a student really.

Which gallery are you working at?

The Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. It’s quite a big gallery but a lot of people in brighton don’t know about it. But yeah it’s a good place.

Any cool exhibitions?

They has a double private view thing. One of them was like an arts council touring one, and its about how everyday media affects everyday life or like how it seeps into everyday life and then they had like an open exhibition where they chose like emerging artists from the area to exhibit.

What brings you to Queens Park on a Monday?

I just finished an exhibition and I took it down this morning. This is my first afternoon off for like a while so I thought I’d just go sunbathe for a bit.


Art is a hobby but it is also what I do. I play guitar, I speak French I practice sometimes but probably not as much as I should. I do open mic nights very very occasionally but only when my friends tell me to do it basically. I’m mostly just happy doing it in my bedroom to be honest but it is like a nice relaxing thing to do.

If you had one message to the world what would it be?

If you really wanna do something try and do it or like don’t compare yourself to other people. I think that people, I don’t know I think that like social media and stuff makes people compare themselves to others a lot and its just unhealthy, I think if youre on a good track in your mind with what you want to be doing then just stick to it and don’t get competitive with other people. Just kinda go for it because its never gunna be the same as what other people wanna do and it’s not necessarily good if it is anyways.

What do you want people to know about you?

I’m not on social media at all.


It slightly relates to what I was saying about comparing yourself to others. It just I dunno I think it encourages fakeness and competitiveness about how cool people’s lives are. I had Instagram for a bit and I had twitter for a bit because I was trying them out, but I just found that I would put boring stuff on there or just try and make something out of nothing. I think it takes up too much time.

Did you have it before and then delete it? 

I had Facebook when I was like 16 for like a year and then as a New Years Resolution I got rid of it, not that I was even on it that much but I thought oh I’m just gunna get rid of it and then I just never got it back. I haven’t needed it at all, it’s weird like I do a lot of emailing and I manage to keep in contact with people through emailing and just talking and texting and it doesn’t even make a difference. I suppose it just depends what kind of person you are.

I wonder if any of our readers are the kind of people to give up social media? Let us know what you think! 


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