Humans Of Brighton: Meet Alex

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This week we met up with Alex to ask the question: 

“What was your childhood dream?”

Co-written with Danielle Quijada

Scanning through the years of early memories, Alex responded:

“I wanted to be like an architect. I wanted to design buildings and interior spaces.”

Photography by Anthony Cheng

“I didn’t end up doing that. I opened up a space instead,” he said. “For three years, I have been running the Plant Room coffee shop and it is like architecture in a way — I got to design the space and the interior decor; it is like architecture but with less numbers!

He added that his favourite part about what he had achieved was having a space that allows him to meet people, be sociable and drink lots of coffee.

“Everyone is happy with coffee. If you’re having a bad day, coffee makes it better,” Alexx said.

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