Humans of Brighton – Meet Hannah

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On a gorgeous sunny day in Brighton this week, we met Hannah whose main concern about the city is the amount of plastic waste we leave on our beach.

Hi Hannah! So tell us about your time in Brighton.

I lived here when I was a student, and moved out of town a couple of years ago

And why did you leave?

Basically just because I wanted to move in with my boyfriend – live in Worthing now. So not too far, which means I can easily get the train back in whenever I feel like it!

When you lived here, what was your favourite thing to?

I loved going around the lanes, and I still do! There’s so many great bars in town as well, yeah there’s loads to do.

Would you ever leave the area, or would you like to be able to stay around Brighton?

I’d definitely always want to be able to come back!

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And what would be one thing you’d want to change about the city?

Probably all the bars on the beach giving out plastic cups, that are just left everywhere. That really frustrates me.

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