Humans Of Brighton! Meet The Marvellous Maya & Manou


Maya (right), 19 and Manou (left), 21 were perusing through the boutiques in the North Laine when I stopped them for their colourful exterior appearance! I was very pleased to find out not too far in to the discussion that they had equally colourful personalities to match their outfits!

So, Maya is studying songwriting at Bimm, she’s in her second year and is love love loving it! Songwriting has always been a dream of Maya’s, but ultimately she wants to just be able to make enough money to be able to go traveling. “I just want to travel forever!”

And Manou is visiting Maya, from her home country Germany! Back there, she volunteers in the costume department of a theatre! “I do what I can, here and there, to help.” But ultimately, just like Maya, Manou’s dream is to travel and travel and TRAVEL! “We just need to get a van! And just go!” they both agreed in hysterical giggles (I joined in). I wanted to know where they wanted to go? “EVERYWHERE!” hahahaha!

Manou: “I want to go to Hawaii! It’s so beautiful and WARM!”


I asked the girls what their hobbies were?

Maya: “I like to cuddle animals.” (This answer was proceeded with hectic laughter. I repeated what I thought I had heard, for conformation that I hadn’t misunderstood.) “It’s therapeutic!” Obviously I wanted to know which animals Maya enjoyed cuddling as an extra curricular activity. “Pigs and cats.” Naturally, the next question was, are we talking about clean pigs and cats? “If they’ve rolled in the mud, then I’ll just roll with them!” Yes Maya! Why stop there! At the end of the day we are all made from the same shit, so lets celebrate by cuddling some pigs rubbing themselves in wet muck! Hahahaha <3

Manou: “I like to draw.” (Now that was quite the dramatic change of subject.) “I do tattoos!” Manou has tattooed herself and Maya a few times, and is quite the talented little tattooist! She didn’t go to any kind of tattoo school, she’s self-taught,having learnt off of friends and going to tattoo conventions and other little bits and bobs.


So what about their style?

Maya: “Comfortable, colourful and warm. You’ve got to dress like you feel. So if you’re feeling colourful and happy you’ve just got to dress accordingly. Like sometimes I feel really gloomy and so I just wear black. Hahaha”

Manou: “If I wear black it’ll make me feel sad, so I’m all for wearing as much colour as possible!”

Maya’s message for humanity: “Be nice!” & “Cuddle animals don’t hate on them!”

Manou’s message for humanity: “Don’t hurt animals!”


I hope both these lovely colourful individuals get their van and go out and venture into the world as they dream of doing!




Let the magic continue !



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