Now You can Bring the Kids to a Rave Party at Patterns

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Patterns isn’t all live music and club nights, they do enjoy a good wholesome activity every now and again, and what better day to enjoy these wholesome activities than on a Sunday? The Sunday Social Club is described as ‘mecca bingo crossed with songs of praise, a kiddy rave (for the parents) with never ending Bloody Mary’s, prizes and papers through the eyes of Wes Anderson and Martin Parr sharing a foot-long hotdog’ so err…not your average Sunday morning then?

by night Patterns is buzzing, by day it’s nursing it’s hangover with bottomless Bloody Mary’s and craft workshops

The Sunday Social Club has a weekly rotation of events for all the family including ‘musical bingo’, ‘Sunday assembly’, ‘Sounds Familiar’ music quiz and craft workshops. Of course, all of this is set to soundtracks by the likes of Home Service, Viva Le Hop, Loose Joints and so many more. There will also be bottomless Bloody Mary’s and honestly, what more do you want on a Sunday?

you can sign up to the Sunday Social mailing list below

Patterns is one of most well-known and best-loved venues in Brighton, making a name for itself by playing host to some incredible up and coming bands as well as the best club nights in Brighton. Now, they are ready to take on the morning after with the Sunday Social Club. You can sign up to the Sunday Social mailing list here.


Holly Martin

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