Moments – An Evening of Powerful Stories of Powerful Change – Wed 15 Nov @ 68 Middle Street

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Moments is a series of curated talks featuring extraordinary stories told by ordinary people. Organisers of Moments, Matt Matheson, and knows what it’s like to be overcome with nerves, or to believe that nothing you have to say is of interest. “I know how it feels to freeze at the very thought of giving that presentation to your boss, or standing on stage at a conference.”

“I slowly discovered that it didn’t have to be this way and I had that confident speaker in me all the time. It just needed to be unlocked – something I didn’t believe for a long time. I’ve now made it my mission to help people like you shortcut the process I went through to become confident speakers who trust themselves and their voice – quickly.”

On the eve of Meaning conference, a space for people who believe in change, organisers of Moments felt it would be fitting and right to share some stories of individuals who have gone through their own personal journeys of change.

The first half of the evening is three very personal talks from inspiring every day folk who have their own, incredible and unique stories of triumph, whilst the second half of the evening is an opportunity to explore the themes that have arisen.

Nick Diggins, the first speaker at the event, suffered from Chronic Fatigue (ME) for 18 years. For 10 of those years he was housebound for 20 hours a day to the extend that he lost the use of his arms for periods of this time. He required care and support for the most basic of tasks – including dressing and washing.

Nick’s inspirational story teaches us about his journey and how he has recovered to become a successful mindfulness teacher running his own business and back to full health.

The second speaker at the event is author, lecturer and founder of Cats3000, Paul Levy, who is also the co-founder of Moments alongside Matt.

At the speaker’s dinner prior to the previous Moments event, it was clear something wasn’t right with Paul – it seemed like he was drunk – only this wasn’t apparent to Paul who was convinced everything was OK – other than the fact he was convinced his phone had been stolen by terrorists!

His condition deteriorated and the next morning he collapsed in a Greggs bakery, was rushed to hospital with swelling on the brain and spent a period of time in intensive care in an induced coma, undergoing numerous tests until slowly he started to recover.

It’s taken Paul a number of months to get back into action and through his recovery journey, Paul has identified 3 connected moments that have caused the problem and fuelled the dramatic recovery – one at age 6, one at 30 and one at 50

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Moments is an event which aims to tell personal stories with profound messages, and organisers have carefully created a space to listen to, be inspired by, challenge and explore stories of change and growth.

Tickets are flexibly priced on a ‘pay-as-you-feel’ basis, with organisers urging those interested to attend no matter the financial situation: “If you are unable to pay, please don’t let that stop you from coming along.”

Access to the event includes wonderful stories, great conversation, nibbles and beer.



More speakers will be present at the event, but you’ll have to get down there to find out more about them and hear their amazing and inspirational stories!

Sign up for the event here.


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