Money makers for students this summer!

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As another summer is well underway many students have now well and truly seen the last of the student loan until the Autumn. The question is how does one navigate the summer months without the aid of that life saving loan?

Many students every summer struggle to find employment through main stream employment as a lot of companies are unwilling to hire on a temporary basis due to various training and start up costs. A lot of students we know worked hard to maintain a paid internship this summer (kudos!) so this doesn’t really apply to them, nor to those lucky enough to have jobs in place over summer upon their return from university. Don’t fear however as here at Bjournal we have pulled together a number of ideas to attempt to find students ways of making enough dosh to last the summer (don’t worry if you aren’t a student many of these ideas are applicable to all!).

Temp Agencies 

First Recruitment Services have a proven record.

There are plenty of temp agencies in the Brighton and Hove area who have plenty of work particularly over the summer months. The temp system works by you being signed up to the agency and as and when your supervisor has work for you they will call you up and offer you various shifts in a wide range of businesses. The work could be anything from admin in an office, to promotional work to labouring in a factory. This is one of the most flexible working arrangement you’ll come across so ideal for those with a lot of other commitments or plenty of holidays booked.

First recruitment have always been very good to work with: visit the website and get in contact or pop into their Brighton office with a CV to get started.


flair events
Got enough Flair?

Whether this be advertising events via social media, sampling products to the public or being a brand ambassador for a company or store this can be one of the funnest jobs you’ll do. Usually as part of a team you’ll be raising awareness, interest and excitement in your product/venue in a number of fun ways, be that sampling, leafleting or performing. One things for sure you’ll never have a dull day in promo.

The majority of Brighton clubs are looking for promotional staff as well as there being a number of agencies across Brighton with work in promo  Flair Events ( does not only promotional work but event staffing too.

Car boot sales/Ebay

Car boot sale
A Brighton racecourse regular.

This one requires you to be a little savvy, the car boot sale poses you with two main opportunities. Firstly you can sell what you already have for good prices as often punters are less informed to you as to the true value of a product. Secondly you can use information or often a lack of it for sellers to pick up bargains which you can sell on for a tidy profit. Be prepared to bring your best haggling skills as regardless of a punters knowledge of a product they will try and attain the best price they think is possible.

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There are weekly car boot sales on Sundays in Brighton Marina ( as well as at the race course  ( running throughout summer as well as a whole host of others throughout Sussex.

If you don’t even fancy leaving the house then you could of course sell your items on ebay or another a resale company/website. The only downside is perhaps this isn’t as fun and most selling websites will charge you a user fee as a percentage of your sales.

Odd Jobs

Rubbish removal
Don’t skip money makers like these.

The summer poses a number of great ways to make money around yours, your neighbours and your communities houses. From mowing lawns, washing cars to helping with clear outs and general maintenance many a person could do with an extra set of hands to complete jobs around the house and garden that have been bugging them for a while. If you’re lucky enough to drive and provided you adhere to the rules of local dumps you could even offer an all inclusive removal service, clearing away excess materials around homes and gardens. This could command a sizeable fee for such a complete service.

Our Jobs board!!! (

Inhouse hiring
We’re your dream employment team.

We at Brighton journal will endeavour to post as many jobs and opportunities throughout the summer in an attempt to find as many of you employment as possible. As part of our partnership with Inhouse Hiring it’s our aim to project thousands of jobs towards you guys this summer.

Be creative in the ways you attempt to bolster those bank balances and don’t be afraid to fail, it’s better to try and fail than not try at all. Best of luck to you all! (If the worst comes to the worst it’s under three months until that student loan drops again!)

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