Single Bet Strategy

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Punting is a thrilling experience. Betting on your favorite players and sports can be rewarding. The adrenaline keeps rushing whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player. However, at the same time, we’re sure you use a strategy to place your bets. A strategy is one of the most essential elements of playing games of skill. A solid action plan can help you come out on top regardless of how the bookies make the books. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the Single Bet Strategy. Right off the bat, we should make you aware that this strategy is not for the weak of the heart. It takes an immense amount of skill and dedication to get it right. Thus, think long and hard before you read what we have to say next. Without further ado, let’s take the leap of faith into how the Single Bet Strategy can help you earn big with the best Indonesia betting sites!

The Single Bet Strategy – Basics  

If you’re unfamiliar with this strategy, it entails placing your money on one single bet. The basics of the strategy are that you have to set a bet which is a winner. Irrespective of which sport you’re betting on and the style of bet you choose, being 100% sure is essential for the Single Bet Strategy to work out. But there’s more to setting a single bet than meets the eye. 

Types of Sports Bets

Before you know how to place a single bet that can be your howitzer, understanding the different types of sports bets is essential. You can use three dominant wager systems for your Single Bet Strategy.

Pari-Mutuel Wagering

This wager type involves placing all bets into a shared pool. A certain percentage of the wager is deducted for taxes and house commission. The winners in this betting format share the remaining amount in proportion to their wager amount. 

Fixed Odds Wagering

You agree to the odds and payouts set out by bookmakers at the best Asian bookmakers. It’s one of the most common betting types globally. However, fixed odds further have five subdivisions:

  • Fractional Odds: This includes Moneyline wagering that’s common for sports like basketball and hockey. Future bets can be fractional as well in this bet type. 
  • Point Spread: You bet on the point spread between two teams in a game. For example, you can bet that Barcelona will be leading 3-0 to Real Madrid at the end of a game. 
  • Parlay Bets: You need to choose the winner of multiple contests to win the bet. 
  • Proposition Bets: These are known as “derivatives” and “exotic” bets. Such bets will be placed on the due course of events during a game or season, irrespective of single-game outcomes. Examples of this type include bets on players winning a particular tournament prize or a team reaching the semis. 
  • In-game Betting: In this wager format, you place bets during a game. 

Exchange Wagering

Exchange wagering can really get your adrenaline running. In it, an operator matches you to a fellow bettor. If you’re the buyer of a bet, you get matched to a seller. It’s similar to what happens in a stock exchange. The house keeps a specific commission on your trade. 

Now that you know about the different bet types let’s discuss more details of this strategy. 

Single Bet Strategy – How to be Successful?

Alt: tips on single bet strategy 

Once you’ve understood the different types of bets, you can use the Single Bet Strategy in either one of them. Let’s examine the pros and cons of placing a single wager on either of these bet types. 

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Pari-Mutuel Single Bet Strategy

Placing a single bet in a pari-mutuel bet can often seem quite enticing. It looks like a very logical option because a fund pool seems safer, much like insurance. But, insurance remains as one of the least favored investment options of modern times. It’s the same for the pari-mutuel bet. Your money is simply a proportion of the entire pool. Hence, the money you get back is only proportionate if you win. Thus, the result is a lower winning percentage with the same amount of risk! We strongly advise you against this strategy in the short and long run. You can instead practice using such bets with a low amount of money. It’ll help you learn how to predict outcomes correctly. 

Fixed Odds Single Bet Strategy

This strategy is your holy grail for placing effective single bets. The Single Bet Strategy will come to fruition in this setting. The simple reason is that this bet type offers a straight-line percentage of winnings and doesn’t depend on a funding pool. 

We believe that fixed odds are the best match for the Single Bet Strategy. At the end of the day, the probability of winning based on your skills remains 50%. If you can refine your skills to have a more significant win percentage than 50%, placing a fixed bet using the Single Bet Strategy is highly recommended. It can give you a massive return on your investment. 

Exchange Wagering Single Bet Strategy

An exchange bet wager is also an excellent option for deploying the Single Bet Strategy. However, you’ve to pick your bets very carefully. We strongly recommend not choosing wagers that payout less than 50% because your natural probability is 50%! If you can find bets which offer a higher than 50% return, go for it. In this case, it’s independent of odds, making it a pretty lucrative option.  

Best Practices to Win with the Single Bet Strategy

The Single Bet Strategy can be as enticing as it gets, but following a strong code of action is essential. This strategy is for serious bettors who are entirely committed to it. It’s all or nothing here. That’s why following these best practices will benefit you. 

Depend on Analysis, Not Your Gut

Analysis supersedes your gut any day. Impulse is not welcome in the betting world, as it’s known to send people from riches to rags in minutes. That’s why developing a solid foundation of research is important. You can take help from the most accurate analysis websites or do your own analysis. But, when using the Single Bet Strategy, do not go in without adequate research. 

Limit Your Bet Amount

Even if you have an insane risk-taking appetite, being modest with sports betting is necessary. Remember that the bookmakers are not making the books for you. Hence, we recommend limiting your bet amount to a maximum of 5-10% of your account balance. For example, if your account balance is $500, you should wager an amount between $25 to $50. Let’s say you win one bet and get $30 back. In the next wager, you can now place $26.5 to $53. You can slowly upscale using this method. But don’t go all in because that’s not worth the risk. 

Develop a Method

Having a method to your madness is extremely important. We’ll say this outright – any bettor who scores big is the black sheep of the herd. But that’s precisely what you’re aiming to be. Or else, you wouldn’t be reading this. You need to refine your methodology to become a one-of-a-kind bettor who can take risks, unlike others. Follow a set pattern of rules. Check out the best strategies and methods online. Then, slowly work towards developing your own unique approach. Once you build a reliable method for your betting style, you’ll be unstoppable. 

Pick Your Sport

We’ll tell you what other people won’t – pick one sport you understand very well. Having your hand in too many pies is going to be confusing. That’s because each sport has its own set of rules. Thus, game dynamics differ depending on the set rules. For instance, in basketball, you’ll look at both teams’ teamwork and the score while betting. On the contrary, cricket is a one-ball game. A single wicket can change the face of the game. 

Thus, choosing your sport is the most important practice of them all. We recommend going for a sport you have a great understanding of. Maybe, even one that you’ve played yourself!

Always Bet with Safety in Mind

Safety is essential when you’re placing wagers. Safety involves multiple factors like ensuring that you’re not exhausting your account on lost bets. If you’re going on a losing streak, we recommend you stop placing bets after two losses. It prevents you from going down the rabbit hole of compulsive gambling. Blow off some steam and come back to the table. Like everything else in life, wagering on sports also requires a fresh perspective at times. Don’t get too carried away and remember to take breaks when needed.

Put Your Strategy into Action

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the type of bet and the best practices in sports betting, it’ll be time to set your Single Bet Strategy in motion. Sports betting will slowly seem like a breeze. After all, the more you win, the better it is! Combine the power of research with your skills, and predict the best outcome for each game you watch. Once refined, the Single Bet Strategy has a high rate of success! 

But, we strongly recommend getting carried away on your high. Veteran sports bettors agree that betting too much on a high can quickly result in devastating losses. That’s because everything has its own peak. Develop your mind to gauge when the tide is rising and when it’ll fall. The key to having success with the Single Bet Strategy is to ensure you make the best of both scenarios. We’ll wrap it up now. All the best, and play safe!


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