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Brighton Journal | 31st May 2020

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Some Book Recommendations While on Lockdown

Some Book Recommendations While on Lockdown
Nick Staunton
  • On 6th April 2020


With all the down time we have lately you might be  looking for something to give you a bit of inspiration, an outlet to get you out of your everyday routine whilst being stuck at home. Reading is and always has been an amazing source to utilise when your feeling stressed or overwhelmed and to help you out I’ve compiled a list of books that I’ve loved and think you will too. Layla Johnson gives us some books that have kept her good company during lockdown.

My first recommendation was a highly anticipated one, I’d already heard great reviews and was eager to get my hands on it. At first glance The Silent Patient has a very straight forward premise, a woman named Alicia Berenson has spent the last six years in mental care after murdering her husband. During this time she’s keep quiet and hasn’t uttered a single word. In comes Theo Faber, a successful psychotherapist. Theo transfers to the unit at The Grove with the intention of solving the mystery behind the murder.

Without giving anymore away I have to say this was such a compelling read and the ending was completely unexpected. The journey this story takes you on is an unforgettable one and I would recommend it to anyone.

If you tend to gravitate towards non fiction then you might enjoy my next pick. Unnatural causes follows Richard Shepherd, a leading forensic pathologist. We follow him  through his career and personal life, through his successes and his struggles as he works to free the innocent and convict the guilty, all of which came at a cost.

Richards story is a captivating one and nothing really prepared me for it. As someone who became top of his field he was given extremely difficult cases to work on, from freak accidents and sudden deaths to murders and global disasters. His honesty and his ability to convey his emotions so well through his story is why I recommend this book so  much.

If you’re looking for something lighter then I would highly recommend Well Met by Jen Deluca, a romantic comedy with bucket loads of charm and a really endearing storyline. The young adult genre is a fun one to get into, even if you’re not quite the intended audience, like myself I still think you’ll enjoy this one.

I was personally drawn to the unfamiliar renaissance faire setting. The story is based in the small town of Willow Creek, Maryland and follows a young girl named Emily who was roped into volunteering as a tavern wench from the 17th century. Whilst staying in character at all times she must work with Simon, the ten faire boss who happens to hate Emilys way of doing thing. Overall Well Met is a fun and easy  read so if you’re into romance and want something light hearted then this ones for you.

If thriller is more your thing then check out The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling. Set in a future with many worlds, Gyre price is sent on an expedition were she expects to be mapping out mineral deposits in a caving system. She is completely alone other than Em, Em can control Gyres body through a specialist suit using any means necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the expedition.

As Gyre descends it quickly becomes clear that Em has been lying to her about her intentions behind the job. Gyres need for the massive pay check that comes with the job means she doesn’t have much choice but to carry on and face whatever it is that resides in the caves.

The Luminous Dead is mysterious, intense and extremely atmospheric, so if you’re not all that keen on small spaces you might want to stay away. Otherwise its a fantastic read and I would highly recommend if your looking for a bit of a scare.

My last pick is probably my most recommended book on my list. Tears of the Silenced is a heart wrenching memoir from the perspective of Misty Griffin, a young girl who was handed off to the Amish community after having already faced immense trauma in her  childhood. Misty tells us her story of what it was like living in such a secretive community and what she had to endure before she was finally able to leave.

If I took anything from this book its that Misty is an incredibly strong women who’s story needs to be heard. Even if your not typically drawn to biographies I would really recommend this one, it was so eye opening and gave us an insight into Misty’s experience in the Amish Community.

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