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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Deliveroo’s “Big Curry Night In” to raise funds for hungry families across South Asia

22nd May 2020 |

Deliveroo has announced that Indian food orders in the UK have skyrocketed by 42% over the past two months. It seems Brit’s in lockdown have been seeking comfort in ‘classic’ takeaway options and are therefore in a hurry for a … Read More

Brighton Set to Heat Up With a Fiery Curry Festival

22nd June 2018 |

Brighton is set to be gripped by a heatwave. We don’t mean the weather (this is England after all), but instead a curry festival!

Festival of Curry is a UK company looking to spread their passion for the spicy cuisine … Read More

GF Dinners: Sweet Potato Curried Rice

4th September 2017 |

Sweet potato in contrast to the spice in this curry it the perfect combination. It is cool and smooth and gives a different texture to the grains of rice. This recipe is also completely dairy and egg free making it … Read More

GF Dinners: Vegan Curry

14th August 2017 |

That smell of cardamon, garlic, coconut and curry in general is seriously comforting. Chicken Tikka is one of the UK’s most popular dishes but ordering in can be expensive and what happens if you have allergies? This gluten free, dairy … Read More

Best Of Brighton Food Series: Indian

10th July 2017 | 1

In Brighton there’s food to cater for all, and what do Brits love more than a good old curry? Even us sea-siders fancy taking a break from fish and chips from time to time… So we’ve put Brighton’s Indian restaurants … Read More

Worthing Residents Prefer Their Curry Hotter to Brightonians

3rd December 2015 |

Did you know that 23 million of us regularly eat curry? It’s true, the British love a curry. But who do you think loves the curry with the biggest kick? Hari Ghotra, a food writer, chef and entrepreneur from Wolverhampton … Read More