The luxury Christmas treats at none luxurious prices


Christmas time for some can be a hectic time of the year with the creative food shopping to the gifts that will make your loved ones smile. But when it comes to the expense at Christmas time I think we are all guilty of spending a little more then we should, but why pay for the name when there are luxury brands without the designer price tags? It’s a no brainier right? By Nicola Wright

So I decided to share some hidden and open secrets with you that will spread the festive cheer and you may even want to treat yourself along the way at these prices, from decorative Christmas décor for your home to gifts that will brighten and make someone smile with happiness and lastly not forgetting tasty treats for you to enjoy.

Aldi’s ‘Hotel Collection’ Candle Range

This may not be a hidden secret more of an open secret but for those that may not know Aldi have created their own candle range which is the exact replica of Jo Malone’s fabulous collection. From the No. 1 sent Lime, Basil and Mandarin which is also one of the classic and original scents from Jo Malone has a lasting scent which is just or if not the same as the luxury brand but for £37 pound cheaper.

But for the frequent buyers of the Hotel Collection range then if you didn’t know already two new fragrances are now available on the shelf’s perfect for a gift or to give your home the winter scent. ‘Oud and Bergamot’ and ‘Honey and Nectarine’ are two new scents that are available which also are best sellers within the Jo Malone brand, the scent of Oud and Bergamot having a distinctive deeper masculine scent and Honey and Nectarine offering all the scents of the festive season.

A statement made by the budget supermarket stated “Comparable to Jo Malone, Aldi’s candles offer mums a truly luxury treat for a fraction of the price.”

Light up someone Christmas morning or your home with one of these beautiful scents.

Zara – Powdery Magnolia Perfume

For girls at Christmas time perfume is one gift that is loved and welcomed by all. As each one of us has our own individual scents and smells that we love which adds to who we all are as individuals.

Zaha has a treat when it comes to one of their fragrances Powdery Magnolia Perfume with its elegant, vibrant scent which holds clean, flowery heart notes has and peony, rose and cedar to the top notes which has been highly identified by shoppers similar to the designer fragrance Chloe. Even down to the bottle design Powdery Magnolia also comes in a clear, clean bottle with a ribbon tied around the neckline which is the trademark for the Chloe fragrance.

There is only one clear factor that sets the two fragrances apart from the obvious but

secondly which of course is the price label for the two fragrances. Powdery Magnolia is priced in store and online at £15.99 for a 100ml which Chloe comes in at £89 for 75ml which is three times the price.

The sweetest hidden scent perfect for a Christmas surprise.

B&M’s New Christmas Range

B&M have sent shoppers all over the country in a Christmas shopping frenzy this week as the popular retail store has just lunched its new Christmas collection which is dubbed as ‘identical’ to the luxury retailer John Lewis and has similarities to the M&S range. With the collection including Christmas ornaments, fur stockings and a pre-lit Christmas tree is expected now to fly out of the store and the whole collection as individuals costing half the retail price as John Lewis.

A pre-lit lightly frosted Christmas tree including fitted LED lighting comes at a cost of £160 where as in comparison to the snowy John Lewis Christmas tree will cost you £299 which is also draped in over 400 clear lights to add the final touch.

From a Christmas tree to a wreath to decorate your front door B&M is offering a subtle Christmas pre-lit wreath with the added touches of berries and artificial cones to give the outside frosted effect which comes at a magnificent price of £20.

From outdoor decorating to the little touches inside of your home the new Christmas range at B&M is not to be missed and if you are not already it is guaranteed to get you into the festive sprit.

Aldi’s ‘BallyCastle’ Cream Liquor’s

From gifts to home décor now it is time for the little treats for you to enjoy and relax with.

Baileys or Sheridan’s on Ice is one drink at Christmas that many of us enjoy whether it be sitting around the fire in lounge or drinking whilst you are cooking the Christmas dinner. But what tastes even sweeter is Aldi’s own brand which is exactly the same as the Baileys brand apart from one factor, the price.

Unfortunately the original is no longer available but the ‘Specially Selected Cream Liqueur’ is available in store and online at tastes just as good however ‘White Chocolate Cream’ and ‘Caramel & Hazelnut’ Ballycastle are both available to purchase in store and online at a price of £6.99 which is comparison is almost half the saving to Baileys.

Nothing will taste quite as sweet.


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