The Pier To Become The Palace Pier Again?

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Last week we reported that the Pier had been bought by the Eclectic Bar Group for quite a large sum of money. Now, Brighton and Hove City Council leader Warren Morgan has asked for the group to change the name of the pier back to Palace Pier, as it was so known until 2000. He said “it’s good that we hold on to some things that people remember from years gone by, some of our heritage, our history, and keeping the Palace Pier name is one way of doing that…I hope that the new owners will continue to preserve and invest in the pier and will consider a return to the traditional name”.

image by Vlacker
image by Valcker

Julian Caddy, of the Brighton Fringe, does not share the opinion of Mr Morgan and thinks that the Pier is a “blot on the seafront”, stating “I hate the pier.” In a column for The Argus, Mr Caddy argues that “Today there are very much two Brightons: the inland one of vibrant creative industries, modern restaurants and a dynamic population – and the seafront of tacky sideshows, fish and chips, rock and assorted paraphernalia. Unfortunately for Brighton, a large proportion of outsiders see it primarily as a destination for the latter rather than the former…this is a ticking time bomb and, in good time, I believe that the Brighton seafront will go the same way as other faded Victorian seaside resorts before it and become an embarrassment…I consider myself a proud, passionate Brightonian and I long for a seafront that reflects what the rest of the city has woken up to in terms of visitor and local resident provision”

image by Simon
image by Stewart Ayrey

There is still no word as to what the Eclectic Bar Group plan to do with the Pier, but we don’t doubt that we will find out in due course. What do you think? Do you think the Pier should revert back to its old name? Or do you agree with Mr Caddy when he says he hates it?


Holly Martin

feature image: Satoka F via the Creative Commons License 

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