Treat Your Skin Better: A Guide to Basic Skincare Routine

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This is the most basic skincare product you need to have for a simple reason: we want to keep our skin clean. Washing away pollutants and impurities that come in contact with our skin is crucial for healthy skin. Choosing the right cleanser shouldn’t be too hard. You need to make sure the formula is gentle enough not to strip the good natural oil we produce. It’s also better to avoid face wash with harsh scrubs and microbeads, as it can lead to micro-tears on our skin.


After getting your face clean, the next important step is to keep it nice and moisturized. No matter what your skin type is, hydration is still essential. It’s important to prevent water loss from the skin, and our skin gradually loses this ability as we age.

The moisturizer comes in different textures for each skin type. For dry skin, choose a cream moisturizer for maximum hydration. If your skin is oily, moisturizer with gel texture might be the best option. Normal skin type has more choices as it adapts better to any texture.


Constant sun exposure slowly damages our skin over time. That’s why UV protection is non-negotiable. Sunscreen is tremendously important in order to keep our skin looking young and healthy. Bonus point if you start early; long-term sun protection goes a long way.

There are two types of sunscreens, physical and chemical, which give your skin protection with a different mechanism. No matter what you pick, you still need to pay attention to the number of SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Choose a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, and if you live in a sunny equatorial country, opt for even more SPF. If you want to use less product, you can use a moisturizer with SPF in it.

Build a healthier lifestyle

Taking care of your skin is not just applying products to it. A healthy lifestyle also has a huge impact on how your skin looks. Start your healthy life journey with these tips below.

Be consistent

You’ve bought a bunch of skincare products, yet only use them once in a blue moon. To have healthy skin, being consistent is the key. The ingredients in the products take some time to affect your skin. Use your skincare products regularly to get maximum results.

Keep pillowcase clean

Do you know what touches your face the most besides your own hands? Yup, pillowcase. Imagine a dirty surface sitting on your face for 8 hours every night—not a pleasant imagination at all. Washing and changing your pillowcase regularly might help to keep your skin healthy.


You might want to be active and get moving for your skin’s sake. Exercise is proven to increase blood flow, nourish skin cells and keep them healthy. Including exercise in your daily routine also helps you to get better sleep. It’s a great and fun way to get that youthful glow.

Get enough sleep

Even if you religiously follow skincare guides and tips, lack of sleep will destroy all your efforts. Sleep is very important to our overall health. It gives our body a chance to produce and repair cells, including rejuvenating the skin. Now you know that Sleeping Beauty is sleeping for a good reason.

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Drink more water

There’s a load of benefits of increasing your daily water intake. Keeping your body well-hydrated retains a good amount of water in your skin. It’s good to drink a lot of water, but excessive water consumption isn’t going to do any good either. For women, drinking about 9 cups of water daily is enough to keep your body hydrated.

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