VERVE Books’ lead summer 2023 title -SUNBURN

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It’s the early 1990s, and in the Irish village of Crossmore, Lucy feels out of place. Despite her fierce friendships, she’s always felt this way, and the conventional path of marriage and motherhood doesn’t appeal to her at all. Not even with handsome and doting Martin, her closest childhood friend. 

Lucy begins to make sense of herself during a long hot summer, when a spark with her school friend Susannah escalates to an all consuming infatuation, and, very quickly, to a desperate and devastating love. 

Fearful of rejection from her small and conservative community, Lucy begins living a double life, hiding the most honest parts of  herself in stolen moments with Susannah. 

But with the end of school and the opportunity to leave Crossmore looming, Lucy must choose between two places, two people and two futures, each as terrifying as the other. But only one will offer her real happiness. 

Sunburn is an astute and tender portrayal of first love, adolescent anxiety and the realities of growing up in a small town where tradition holds people tightly in its grasp. 

Chloe Michelle Howarth was born in July 1996. She grew up in the West Cork countryside, which has served as an inspiration for her writing. She attended university at IADT in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, 

where she studied English, Media and Cultural Studies. Chloe currently lives in Brighton. Sunburn is her debut novel. 


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