Vintage Brighton Street Style

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Brighton is a city well-endowed with vintage shops. Whether you’re in the Laines, on Western Road or on your way to the sea front you’re bound to run in to a second-hand shop sooner or later. Vintage fashion is great because it’s usually of a higher quality than your average modern garments, it allows you to express original and nonconformist styles and it’s an easy way of recycling. Therefore, today’s post is dedicated to those individuals who love to rummage in charity shops and whose style categorically incorporates vintage clothing on a daily basis.

DSC_1386Kitty likes to sew and alter her clothes to suit her style. She works in a café and so would describe herself as a practical dresser. When putting her outfits together Kitty opts for clothes that can transfer from day to night. Kitty is a bargain hunter and likes to shop in charity shops. Today’s outfit is all second-hand. Her style secret is that she wears a lot of her Granny’s old clothes and has admitted that her favourite place to shop is her Granny’s attic. True vintage!

DSC_1399Joss has an eclectic fashion taste that can vary on a daily basis. Today Joss is sporting a smart look but tomorrow you might find him dressed casually and rocking a pair of dungarees. Joss enjoys shopping in both vintage and high street shops. Today he is wearing a Levis vintage shirt, an Urban Outfitters coat and Russell and Bromley shoes. Although Joss enjoys hunting in charity shops for deals, if he sees an item that he wants then he’ll buy it regardless of the price.

DSC_1409Jo likes to wear ‘practical clothing’ and gets a lot of her style influences from her friends.  Jo has named her fashion style ‘Explorer Style’. Although new to Brighton Jo has already named Wolf and Gypsy as her favourite shop – her coat comes from there and is a 1960’s piece originally from San Francisco. Her hat was a bargain bought for only £1 from the Marina Market and her scarf was from a shop in the Laines. Jo enjoys shopping locally and is particularly a fan of vintage shops.

DSC_1444 Rosie has a bright and beautiful alternative style. Rosie is a talented seamstress and in the future hopes to start up her own clothing business. She does not like fast fashion and prefers unique pieces that are more special. Rosie has her own original style and likes her clothes to be versatile and wearable in every season. She buys a lot of her clothes from charity shops. Her coat was bought in a charity shop but actually originated from Asda. Asda would definitely give this simple but striking look the pocket tap!

DSC_1426Holly has an outgoing personality and portrays this through her style. Originally from Devon, Holly has been living in Brighton for the last couple of years. In regards to fashion, Holly likes to shop in charity shops and in high street shops during their sales. Her statement platform New Rock boots are one of her favourite pieces of clothing. Holly is in a rock/electronic band called Who Is Fable. Music is a big influencer on Holly’s style and on stage she likes to dress extrovertly. Perhaps Rosie will design and make Holly a flashy outfit for the stage?

Photographs: Kamilah McInnis

Kamilah McInnis

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