What Brighton Businesses Can Do to Improve the Customer Experience Despite the Current Crisis


With the Covid-19 crisis still affecting loads of people around the world, you will find a lot of things are still not back to normal and a lot of businesses remain closed. Some businesses that are trying to bring back a bit of normality are looking for ways to improve the experience of customers and there are a lot of ways that they can do this. Below, we are going to discuss how businesses in Brighton can improve customers experience despite the current crisis. Hopefully, these tips will be useful to you.

Practise Distancing

One of the ways that businesses in Brighton can improve the customer’s experience despite the current crisis is by making sure that they can practise social distancing. In an office or store, it is important that distancing can be carried out so not only will the staff be protected but, the customers can also be protected. Distancing is important because if there are a lot of people standing in close proximity to each other they could catch the virus and spread it to others. Customers should be made aware of any distancing measures in place.

Install Sanitising Stations

The next way that Brighton businesses can improve the customer’s experience is by installing sanitising stations for customers to use when they first walk into the building. This can improve the experience of customers because they will be able to wash their hands before they enter a store to prevent germs from spreading.

Customers will feel a lot more at ease with these installed at the front door because they know that everyone who has walked in will have used it. If you communicate this carefully to customers, they will have a much better experience in store.

Make More Space

Another way that Brighton businesses can improve customers experience when they are in a store or office is by making sure that more space is made. This means that more people can come in at the one time and that queues can be shortened. Usually in a building, things can be lying around and making the space a lot smaller so, not as many people can be in at the one time. However, if more space is made then, more people can enter the building.

To make more space in the building during this crisis, businesses can consider rearranging furniture or even considering temporary storage options for the time being. There are loads of different storage facilities available like this self storage in London that you can consider for your Brighton based business. Make sure you have a look to see what your best options are.

Provide Online Services

With loads of people having access to and experience with technology and mobile or smart devices, Brighton based businesses can consider providing some online services. From ordering and collecting items to booking time slots to getting deliveries, these are some of the options that businesses can consider. For instance, businesses can avoid queues or too many people in the store at the one time and they can also give times so they can control how many people are in the building at the same time.

Try These Ideas

Despite the current crisis that we are all facing, there is still a lot that businesses can do to improve the customer’s experience. Some of the best measures include practising distancing, installing sanitising stations, creating more space and providing online services. If you are based in this area, make sure to take our tips on board to improve the customer experience.


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