What is sex positivity and why does it matter for women

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You have likely seen sex-positive in different hashtags on social media. What comes to mind when you see it? Nudity or being involved in rowdy threesomes? 

Unlike the heredity traits, you have to push your way through culture, religious belief, family background, and others before you embrace your sexuality without the fear of what another person will say about you. An example of increasing sex positivity in society includes things like the increasingly normalisation and popularity and ease of ability to purchase things such as dildos and other sex toys

What does sex positivity mean and how does it matter to women? Check out this article for more information.

What does sex positivity mean?

Though the term “sex positivity” is relatively new, it is gradually making its way to the media. It is believed that the term was first used by feminists about 3 decades ago to express their sexuality and the way they want to be seen.

If discussed in a broader sense, sex-positivity could be described as being positive about sex without feeling shameful. The idea is that people should embrace their gender, and learn about their sexuality, without feeling shameful or judgmental about it so far it is consensual. 

For someone, who is positive about sex, means such a person believe that sex is natural and normal, and that individual should be free to express their sexuality and orientation without being intimated or oppressed. Conversation about topics such as masturbation and sexual satisfaction are to be accepted as normal, than taboo or negative in nature. An example of increasing sex positivity in society includes things like the increasingly normalisation and popularity and ease of ability to purchase things such as dildos and other sex toys. 

Also, such a person is ready to accept and respect the sexuality of others, sexual identity, and orientation. Being sex-positive makes the person open to unlearning and learning new things about their body as well as being open to freely discussing sex topics.

Nevertheless, sex-positivity does not have to be about you and how you see others alone. It could mean fighting and defending the rights of others. For instance, you could be involved in the decriminalization of sex workers or advocate for sex education that is not based on fear.

What does it matter to women?

Though many view sex-positive women as being constantly obsessed with sex. Sex positivity is not about sex alone and it matters to women in many ways. Below are some of the ways it matters to women.

Helps with anxiety

Through sex education that is based on fear and abstinence, strict religious doctrine, and the way society sees sexual topics, many women still feel shameful around the sexual discourse. When a woman is positive, such a woman will be deeply connected with her partner and it will eradicate the conditioned belief that brings anxiety when it is time for intercourse.

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As a woman, a feeling of anxiety when you want to have sex with your partner could lead to sexual dysfunction such as loss of sex drive. Being sex-positive in conjunction with therapy can help with such issues. Moreover, it could also be helpful for people who have issues with sexual identity.  

Health benefits

Sex positivity has many health benefits for women. The truth is that World Health Organization (WHO) has endorsed it and says that it is important for sexual health. Sexual health includes different things such as being proud of one’s sexuality and freely discussing it.

Apart from that, a sexually healthy woman is more likely to enjoy sexual pleasure than someone that is not. Also, sex positivity helps women to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. If there is a need, you will also access good healthcare.

Your mental health could also be enhanced when you are sex-positive. It is less likely that you feel isolated, embarrassed, or shameful about your sexual identity. Sex positivity also helps you build resilience which will help you fight stigma and depression.  


Being sex-positive as a woman does not mean you have more than one partner but you can go ahead if it is safe and consensual. It simply means that you should be open and embrace your fear.

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