Would the Introduction of an Ultra-Low Emission Zone Help or Harm Brighton?

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With ideas for helping the planet and increasing the revenue from tourism among the key factors in Brighton’s immediate future, the suggestion of tougher traffic laws has met with a mixed reception. Where does this plan come from and what effect might it have?

The Plans Being Discussed

This idea that has been raised is a way of giving Brighton a more livable city centre by keeping out polluting vehicles. It could be similar to the approach in London, with a charge made for entering the ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ) in vehicles. In the capital, a ULEZ scheme of this type operates 24/7, charges £12.50 for each vehicle that doesn’t meet the emissions standard and is only removed on Christmas Day.  

Yet, the worry is that a charge of this type will force residents and visitors to go elsewhere, with the cost of parking in Brighton city centre already a controversial issue. This could have a detrimental effect on local businesses by reducing the number of potential clients in the area.

In terms of tourists, last year’s Friendship Pact between Brighton and Santa Monica in the US could help to bring in greater numbers of American visitors. Yet, anyone travelling to the UK needs to take into account various factors before deciding where it makes economic sense to visit the country. For example, the U.S. Dollar Index,  aka DXY , shows us the strength of American currency against other major currencies such as the British pound and the euro, and is used by investors who look to predict in which way it will move. This index rises when the dollar gains ground against the other currencies and as well as its use for traders this could have an effect on how attractive travel to Brighton is financially, with extra charges like a ULEZ fee potentially tipping the balance for some American tourists when the dollar is weak.

What Are the Positives?

Of course, the reason this plan has been proposed is to reduce the damage done to the environment by vehicles with high emission levels. By making people pay to enter if they don’t meet the criteria, it gives an incentive to find methods of transport that are friendlier to the planet. However, not everyone is going to be able to do that, and this is where problems can arise.

Perhaps this initiative would work best if implemented as part of a series of eco-friendly moves across the city. For this reason, we need to look further and find out what else could be changed in Brighton to help make the ULEZ a success. Brighton is already widely regarded as being arguably the UK’s greenest city, and this BBC report from 2022 points out the fantastic work done in projects to ensure that it’s got a sustainable food policy while helping to fight food poverty.

Looking at this matter in light of other environmental projects going on right now, it becomes easier to see how it might work as part of an overall effort to keep Brighton at the forefront of the battle to help the planet. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the details, but the idea is now out there and it’ll be interesting to see where it leads.

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  1. Same tired old bs to try to scam the public into thinking they are causing the climate to change along with cows farting and farmers farming, all to provide the professional criminals at the central banks and WEF a fake justification to tax us all eventually into oblivion, further removal of our rights, theft of our money via unlawful scam taxes, and to an eventual China style hybrid social credit and carbon credit scoring system combined with cashless and digital money in the form of programmable CBDCs, digital ID etc which dictates and controls all of our lives using AI tech (digital enslavement), while those in control of the system become ever richer and gain ever more power and control over us, our lives and our futures? How do they achieve this? Centralisation of power plus They own 95% of the entire media apparatus this control the vast majority of our information, distract us with low IQ tv and movie PROGRAMMING, infiltration of our justice systems, bought and paid for science and politicians, censorship of views and opinions that oppose or expose their plans etc etc. All while they have you virtue signal that you are saving the planet (psychological trick to give us a fake perception of meaning and value of our lives should we conform), while they themselves fly around in their private jets, eat the most exclusive and expensive steaks at their frequent climate gatherings, while they implement regulations to ever more restrict your freedom of movement and confine you to smaller and smaller areas. They want to have you not flying anywhere by 2030, or going on boats, want to remove the vast majority of private vehicle ownership by [Agenda] 2030, not eating any meat but rather on a diet they dictate mainly consisting of bugs, GMO veg and fake meat. Of course they are exempt from all of that. The fact they are all buying themselves luscious beach front mansions while telling you sea levels are gonna rise exponentially over the next few years should tell you all you need to know. It’s all a MASSIVE SCAM to lead you like sheep incrementally (so you don’t notice) to eventual total enslavement. A plan that’s been decades in the making. It will fail though. The people are awakening and seeing through the constant bs and lies pushed by the media and these criminals at the central banks and WEF as well as their politician puppets. Every single person involved in pushing this scam on us will be jailed for seriously length sentences (if they ever see light of day again), and there will be no “I was just following orders” as an excuse. It’s time we all start uniting to purge these criminals (many are nonces too) out of their jobs / positions, and stick them in jail until they expire. Including media propaganda pushers.

  2. Sounds like the exact same excuse used when they implemented the congestion charge scheme in London. “Don’t worry” they said “it’s just the centre and only £5 and will make the air cleaner and less polluted”. No they to mention the same lie used to implement parking fines “oh we are just doing it to get rid of pollution and make the air cleaner”. What happened there? Turned, over time, into a huge revenue generator for the councils and government, screwed over the people and made no change to so called air pollution levels. It’s always the same con. We’re done with it. And no it’s not a mixed reaction, the vast majority are opposed to this scam, as in way over 95%. They can see right through it and know exactly what it’s really about. The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.

    A little trip down memory lane:

    1960s: Oil gone in 10 years
    1970s: Another ice age in 10 years
    1980s: Acid rain will destroy all crops in 10 years
    1990s: The ozone layer will be gone in 10 years
    2000: Ice caps will be gone in 10 years.

    None happened. But all resulted in higher taxes.

    The electric vehicle push is not about protecting environment either. It’s so government can centrally and remotely switch off your vehicle if it’s electric. So they will push more fake crisis and climate lockdowns in order to enable themselves to do so. If they don’t want you leaving your designated zone, you won’t be able to. They can also limit how many miles you can drive. The amount of fossil fuels burned in the production of these EV lithium batteries too far outweighs the fossil fuels used in the production of and entire life cycle of cats with combustion engines. Funny that they and the media always leave out these key facts.


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