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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Tips for Managing Stress as a Writer

6th May 2020 |

A career as an aspiring author can be a particularly stressful one, writer’s are constantly up against the pressures that come with the job. Some choose to move on and decide that it isn’t the role for them and that’s … Read More

Jobs to Consider within Literature – Perfect for English Graduates

29th April 2020 |

If you’re a recent English graduate and looking to take the next steps in your career then you’re probably thinking of all the different roles within the industry that you may be interested in pursuing. Whilst some may immediately think … Read More

How to quit your day job to pursue a writing career

23rd April 2020 |

Making the decision to quit your day job to pursue your passion is an extremely difficult task. The creative sector is a hard one to crack and many can be persuaded into backing out of going full time, it’s unpredictable … Read More

Rewilding in Sussex: The ex-farm letting nature rule

17th April 2020 |

Nestled in the Sussex Low Weald, just seven miles south of Horsham, is Knepp Estate. Since 2001, this 3,500 acre estate, once intensively farmed, has been devoted to a pioneering “rewilding” project. 

For many years, traditional farming at Knepp had … Read More

Nutritional Gut Health Part 3

16th April 2020 |

Written by Rob Staunton


Candida Symptoms

Following on from part 2, we shall look at the various symptoms related to Candida. We spoke about doing the various DIY tests at home, however there would need to be underlying symptoms … Read More

Why your writing career may not be progressing

15th April 2020 |

While writing can be one of the most rewarding careers, it is a difficult one to crack. While you may be feeling like your writing career isn’t progressing at the rate you hoped, it doesn’t mean you should give up … Read More

Return essential rehab equipment to help NHS during COVID-19 crisis

8th April 2020 |

Brighton & Hove City Council is asking residents who have any specialist rehabilitation equipment considered to be part of the ‘six key items’ to return it to the NHS as soon as they can to help out during the COVID-19 … Read More

Nutritional and Natural Health Diaries Part 2

7th April 2020 |

Written by Rob Staunton

We continue this series with our focus on gut health and more specifically Candida with how to do home testing which could be quite timely given the current climate and a lack of access to functional … Read More

Quarantine self-improvement is great…just don’t put too much pressure on yourself

3rd April 2020 |

‘I really want to do that, I just haven’t got time’. How often do you hear someone say that, or think it yourself? It’s got to be at least twice a day. In normal life, we’re all forced to rush … Read More

Tired, Bloated, Fuzzy Brain , Anxious , Depressed? Are you one of the many silent sufferers of Candida?

30th March 2020 |

By Rob Staunton

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned in the headline, you may be suffering from a disease known as Candida. Candida is hard to diagnose since it mirrors the symptoms of many other chronic diseases. … Read More