3 Ways To Incorporate Your Windows In Your Decor

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Your windows are not just functional elements in your home; they are key players in your room’s design. How you style your windows, their placement and the light they bring in can significantly transform the look and feel of each room. Windows are more than just light sources; they are design features that can bring a room together and enhance its overall aesthetic.

If you’re uncertain about how to style your windows, these practical tips are here to guide you. They are designed to help you maximize the aesthetic potential of your windows without compromising their primary function of illuminating your space. With these tips, you can confidently enhance your home’s visual appeal.

Centre The Windows

To make your windows an important design feature in a room, you can place items of furniture around them so they become a focal point. This can be especially beneficial for longer, floor-length windows or those with bigger single windows in a room. For example, you can place an armchair next to the window with a floor lamp on the other side or a dresser underneath it to draw attention to the windows. Avoid anything blocking the light, so in the case of a dresser underneath, it needs to be low so it sits snugly and doesn’t cover the window. You can create a seating space under a window or in an alcove or bay-shaped window or hang art on the walls on either side so they become part of the feature, not an interruption.

Use Window Dressings To Add Style

The type of covering you use for your windows can really make or break the windows and the room. You should always choose your dressings based on your style and the type of windows you have so they offer maximum decor points and the privacy you need. Roman Blinds, for example, are a classic choice and can be designed to complement the room while still offering you options for controlling light flow and privacy, as you can set them to different positions throughout the day for function and style. Floor-length curtains can add drama to oversized windows and when used in conjunction with accessories to hold them in place, they can become a focal point in the room. Pay attention to the colours and materials you use to allow you to seamlessly develop a window area that flows with the rest of the style of the room and enhances the windows to bring them to life, not just perform a perfunctory task.

Blend Them Into The Room

If there is a lot going on in the room, styling the windows might make it seem too busy and over the top. In this case, you should keep your windows clear and free from distractions. White or plain black frames can allow you to tie the window frames to the style of the room; this works well for kitchen and bathroom settings, too, without detracting from the windows and the room. Far from being the central aspect or a focal feature, this choice simply draws on their simplicity to make a statement and allows the window itself to do the talking amongst the decor you already have. Sometimes, less really is more.

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