5 awesome alternative ideas for families this half-term!

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With the summer term for schools reaching its half way point and the weather becoming a little warmer this half-term presents a perfect opportunity for families to get out and about enjoying the sun whilst it’s here! All these ideas are relatively cheap or completely free.

  1. PYO – PYO? Pick your own! This idea has become synonymous with strawberry picking in the summer months. I found a brilliant place in Eastbourne called Sharnfold Farm & Shop which allows you to pick not just strawberries which have recently come into season, but, a number of other tasty fruits and vegetables. Produce is affected by the harvest and season but you can of course call ahead of visiting to avoid disappointment. So bring your baskets and enjoy picking produce from a local farm.                                           http://www.sharnfoldfarm.co.uk/

    Sounds berry nice to me.
  2.  Rockpooling at Rottingdean Beach. Rockpooling? Rottingdean? Rather not? No, don’t knock this until you’ve tried it. The beautiful Brighton retreat seaside village of Rottingdean has one of the best beaches in Sussex. Why? It homes some of Brighton’s most interesting sealife in its Rockpools. Rockpools although notoriously slippy and dangerous to venture onto alone can be hours of fun for those looking to explore natural sea shells, crustaceans and plants. The water is naturally a bit warmer as the pools the rocks naturally create are more shallow but perhaps wear a wet suit on a more mild day. Grab a bucket and a net, and go discover a seaside surprise.

    This place rocks!
  3. Camp at Stoneywish campsite. Spend a night at this adorable campsite in Ditchling just a 25 minute drive from central Brighton. The campsite is quiet and peaceful and very popular with young families especially due to a park being just a 5 minute walk from the campsite itself and the farm and nature reserve being on site. There’s also a local village green, cricket pitch, tennis courts and pub all within walking distance of the campsite. This really is the most manageable camping trip ever with so many reachable utilities and amusements all within such close proximity to the city centre.                                                                                                                                           http://www.stoneywish.co.uk/

    Kick back, relax, you can even BBQ in this campsite.
  4. Treck round Arlington Reservoir. Whether you’re going by foot, bike, alone, in a group with a dog or for a run this picturesque reservoir is a great place to get some fresh air and go for a treck. Arlington Reservoir near Berwick in East Sussex is a ready made day out as the reservoir is far enough to make a day of it but not so far its impossible to complete. The water is clear, the air is fresh and there are paths a plenty for all to enjoy. I would particularly recommend for those with dogs. The owners of the reservoir also put on a number of events each year so go check out the pond dipping or fishing on the water if you have the time.                                                 http://www.southeastwater.co.uk/our-environment/our-reservoirs/arlington

    The picturesque lake spans beautifully for miles
  5. Make your own kites and go to Devil’s Dyke. Making kites isn’t as hard as you may think and can provide a morning of fun before testing your work on Brighton’s wind hotspot Devil’s Dyke which overlooks much of the city. If you don’t know how to make your own kite and that bit doesn’t appeal to you simply buy one or rummage around the loft for an old one.
    You’ll be blown away with this idea!

    Most importantly enjoy spending quality time with your family this half term whatever you decide to do it’s bound to be better with the whole family involved!



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