5 Fun Fitness trends you have to try

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1 Live Music Yoga
Practising yoga to music is one of the latest types of yoga; it’s believed that the live music will strengthen your practice and help you connect more fully with what you’re doing. More to the point, the live music can make the practice really, really fun and if you’re craving something a little different than the norm then this may be it. Nine Lives Yoga even held a ‘Yoga Rave’ at the All Saints Church in Hove earlier this year, with another set for early next year, which involved live DJ’s playing dance music designed to help yogi’s deepen their rhythm and flow.

2 Aerial Fitness
Why not let out the inner circus performer within you and try out an Aerial Fitness class? Aerial Fitness is a unique and exciting way of getting fit; you can practice trapeze, silk, rope or aerial hoop skills, all of which will develop your body and core strength as you’ll need to hold all sorts of positions! You can try out an Adult Aerial Fitness and Circus Class at the Brighton Youth Centre.

3  ZUU
Zuu is an Australian born training programme which is now available to enjoy at Virgin Active centres across the UK. It involves performing different animal movements (yes, you read that correctly) to keep fit. Running around like a horse on all ours? Sounds quite hilarious to me! But seriously, it is good for overall body strength, and it’s a pretty unique way of exercising. Check out your nearest Virgin Active Centre for more info.

4 Hula Hooping
Get playful by taking a hula hooping class. Using hoops designed for adults that are a little weightier, you can have fun whilst improving your fitness levels (and whittling your waist!). You’ll experience a full body workout by taking a hula hooping class, and gain an immense sense of satisfaction on completing a full hoop routine. You can try out a class at the Brighton Health Centre, which offers different courses for different levels – no need to worry if you’re a beginner!

5 Trampoline Classes
Re-discover how fun cardio can be by taking part in a trampoline class – you’ll burn calories, sweat and develop all-over body strength at these classes – so they’re well-worth trying out if you’re getting tired of more conventional cardio such as jogging on a treadmill. It’s also gentle on the joints, so those who are wary of injuring their knees need not worry, plus it’s great for your balance and co-ordination. Freedom Leisure offer adult courses at their sports centre in Hassocks.

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Feature photo by Stròlic Furlàn – Davide Gabino

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