500 bin bags later and the A27 is finally clean


In April, a group of residents got together as part of ‘The Great British Spring Clean’ to create ‘The A27 Clean Up Campaign’. The idea was to remove the high volume of roadside litter that ruined the
“otherwise picturesque A27”. After help from the council, the roadside is now clean.

At the time, founding member Milly Manley said:

“The state of the A27 roadside is appalling and an eyesore to everyone who travels along it. The amount of plastic and general rubbish is a threat to the local wildlife, a threat to the environment and its ungainly appearance could also play a part in jeopardising tourism.  Who wants to come and visit a rubbish tip?

One month later and the group, alongside the council’s Cityclean team have cleared the A27 and the A23 – and collected 4 tonnes of waste! Cityclean worked for three nights, from 10 pm until 4 am and covered a total of just over 13 miles.

Rachel Chasseaud, the council’s assistant director of City Environment has said:

Our team has carried out a fantastic job, and 500 bags of waste shows how much people are throwing away their rubbish. But the best way to keep the road’s verges clean and litter free is for people to stop fly-tipping and throwing rubbish out of their cars. This would make a massive difference to the look of the road and the environment as well as saving the council, and therefore our council tax payers, a lot of money.”



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