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Due to a recruitment issue, poppies will not be sold on central Brighton streets this year. The Royal British Legion (RBL) couldn’t find a replacement for the long-serving appeal organiser.

However, poppies will still be available at select supermarkets, shops, and restaurants. The annual poppy appeal, commencing on October 26, raises funds for the UK’s armed forces community.

The regional poppy appeal organiser role involves material management, collection, and paperwork, and due to time constraints, a replacement won’t be found this year.

Nevertheless, poppies will be accessible throughout the city center.

The role of a regional poppy appeal organiser is to oversee the ordering and delivery of materials, money collection and “a lot of paperwork”, the RBL’s South East poppy appeal manager Graham Ferris said.

“Sadly, our long-serving and loyal poppy appeal organiser for central Brighton stepped down recently and we need a replacement,” he told BBC Radio Sussex.

A sad testament to our times possibly. Surely the cadets could have helped out?

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