A petition aimed at preserving the Prince Albert pub in Brighton has been officially launched

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A passionate campaign has been initiated to safeguard the future of a cherished local pub in Brighton, known as the Prince Albert, which its dedicated supporters believe is currently facing a severe threat from potential developers.

The growing concern revolves around the imminent approval of a neighboring development project, which could jeopardize the very existence of the Prince Albert. A petition against these proposed plans has already garnered an impressive number of signatures, demonstrating the community’s unwavering commitment to preserving this beloved establishment.

The initial plans, initially submitted in August of the preceding year, outlined the demolition of a former garage located at 47 Trafalgar Street, in close proximity to the Prince Albert. This demolition was to be followed by the construction of a four-story building, originally intended to house commercial spaces and two holiday rental units.

However, recent revisions to the project have removed the holiday lets from the plan altogether. According to the updated documents outlining the amendment, “The holiday let units have been removed from the scheme. The entire building will now be commercial, with commercial units on the top floor in place of the removed holiday lets.”

The specifics regarding the ultimate usage of these commercial units remain undisclosed, with the end-user yet to be confirmed. The amendment asserts that a commercial building located alongside a live music venue is an acceptable arrangement, aligning with the varied character of uses within this central area of the city.

Will Moore, the venue manager of The Prince Albert, has expressed profound concerns about the potential consequences of this development. He fears that the Grade II listed pub will experience a significant decline in business during the construction phase, potentially face damage to the property, and encounter the obstruction of natural light due to the construction of the multi-story structure.

The local community’s ardent determination to protect the Prince Albert reflects the profound connection between this beloved establishment and the residents it serves, and underscores the significance of preserving the cultural and historical fabric of the city.

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